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Shinawatra family

Potjaman Shinawatra พจมาน ชินวัตร

Nickname : Khun Or อ้อ Nai-Ying นายหญิง

Potjaman Shinawatra is the wife of His Excellency Police Lieutenant Colonel Sir Dr.Thaksin Shinawatra, the ex-Prime Minister of Thailand. She has long been supporting him both in the political front stage and in the Neo Shocker [[1]] organization back stage.

They married in 1975 and have 3 "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" kids together : Panthongtae - Oak, Pinthongtha - Ame and Praethongtharn - Oong-Ing.

The Lady Behind the Power[edit]


Mrs.Potjaman is the Most Powerful Person in Thailand. Even the ex-Prime Minister of Thailand have to listen to her order.

Her exclusive private life can be studied in the soap opera "Ta Du Dao, Thao Tid Din", ตาดูดาว เท้าติดดิน ,which is scheduled to on-air on TV7 chennel [[2]], the highest rating TV chennel in Thailand. The series script was adapted from Mr.Thaskin's autobiography ตาดูดาว เท้าติดดิน [live the simple life, aim high]. Mrs.Potjaman initiated the project, approved the scripts and chose the actress who play her role by herself. [[3]]

The First Lady [[4]][edit]

นี่แน่ ไข่เรี่ยราด อีกแล้วใช่มั้ย

Her husband, Mr.Thaksin, is very very afraid of her that he once said to media that he would like to be the founder and the 1st chairman of TMAWAT (Thai Men Afraid of Wife Association of Thailand) - สมาคมชายไทยกลัวเมียแห่งประเทศไทย. [[5]]

Not Much Known Facts[edit]

  • Her favorite fruit is chayote or ฟักแม้ว, that is because she like ฟักกิ้ง-เดอะ-แม้ว very much and would like to ฟัก-เดอะ-แม้ว as often as possible.
  • Her favorite food is the deep fried chayote tops in oyster sauce. or ยอดฟักแม้วผัดน้ำมันหอย.

Her hair is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records under "Least Changed Hairstyle of a Public Official". It is a distinction Nai Ying accepts with great honor, for when one has achieved the utmost in coif style, sophistication, elegance, and timelessness, one is not inclined towards change.

As a means of maintaining said follicle perfection, Nai Ying employs a set of hair-patters that work for her every day to ensure her hair stays awake during conferences. Though, in reality, her hair is less hair and more of a helmet that, in the tradition of Darth Vader's helmet, is lowered into place shortly before she exits her isolation chamber. Many an aid has been heard to gasp upon viewing the bald scalp prior to the lowing of the helmet-like hair, as the battle scars on the scalp are quite grotesque.

A further benefit of the helmet-like contraption upon Nai Ying's head is its aerodynamic shape, allowing for smoother gliding during dusk hours.

  • The text above is intentionally stolen from [[6]].

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