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This is my attempt to catalogue a Prefuse 73 album, in this case Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives. I will attempt to transcode the scattered beats and vocal samples into a coherent article. Success cannot be guaranteed.

Radio Attack[edit]

P-r-r-r-efuse. Prefuse. 73. Breakbeat. Break-glitch-beat-pop. 73. Pre-fuse. Cymbal. Ride cymbal. "Nas is like" Cut up vocal samples. James Brown? No. Prefuse 73. Record label? Re-cord-scratch. Really? Prefuse 73. Like Aphex-DJ Shadow-Twin. Breakbeat. 1. 1. 1 2 3 4. Not like Philip Glass. Just kidding. Really. Oh no. He is. What? Breakbeat. Likes to-scratch. Prefuse 73. 37. 73. Fuck-take.

It's got programmable-beats. Python meets an 808 and speaks. Beats for weeks and days. 365 and 1 days. A maze? Prefuse 73.

A Song Called 'Quest'[edit]

You say-breakbeat. Amen Break? Amen. Zanziphones? Harpsichords? Prefuse 73. Hide ya face. "Sleep" and "stressed" Guitar fades. Cross-fades. Some dude who can't sing is singing... what the fuck? Word. Wo-wo-wo-word. Is that a piano? No, that's Prefuse 73. Not like Philip Glass. OK, I give up, it is. But it's got drums. And beats. Breakbeats. Hi-hat. What's that? Hi-hat. What's that? Prefuse 73.

Da-da-dun-tish, da-da-da, da-da-dun-tish. Can't believe you read this. Da-da-dun-tish. Is that Wilde Style? Word. It's got rap songs. Oh no. Jazz songs. Rip rip rap. Jizz jizz jazz. Did I just--jizz jizz jazz. Wazz. It's got a 1, 2, breakbeat. See? 3. Four? 4. Ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka.



Prefuse 73. Ghostly aethereal. Watercolor dream and some sort of Bear?

Not Atmosphere. Not on record label. Ants and slugs, got turntables. Gramophone? Telephone? Rat-a-tat-tat. Brr.


Bang. Bang the drums. Not adored. Like a style or something. Contextualize. Oh no. Hi-hat. Glitch. Not ambient. Not Brian Eno. Roxy Music? Yes, it's got music. Music? Prefuse 73. And some other dudes.

Stream of consciousness? In name only. More like digga-digga-digga. Rapper. Nas again. Like what? Is that a typewriter? No, it's Prefuse 73.

Keyboard. Key-bored. Edan the Chef. Raekwon the Ghostface Killah. Another piano? Fucking Billy Joel. People talking. Stop talking; it's Prefuse 73.

There are vocal samples here. And a maramba. Dropping science. MF Doom. Motherfucking doom. Aesop Rock? Misnomer. Is that a chime?

Is that a chime? No, it's a dinosaur. Oh no, it's Prefuse 73. 1, to villain. What'chu drillin'? Top 'billin? The Audio-Two? The two-audio? Got a domino. And a hi-hat. Siffa siffa siffa. Wiffa.

Nasally Flow[edit]

Dude's got a nasal flow. Adrock on snow? B-Real on a TV show? No. Bip-bop. Boom-bip. Not Boom-Bip, Prefuse 73. Not Philip Glass either, philistine. Philly-willy-willy, what's the dilly-o? Or the "deal yo"? Oboe. Cello. Ossification.

Sort of tonal and atonal, at the same time. The fuck? Oh no. It's got a piano. And drums. And some scratchy thing. No, not that.

But mainly it's got Prefuse 73. And drums. Da-da-da-da-da-da-dun.

Like this. Like that. Wall of sound. Stream of sound. Drowns. Bach would be shocked, though he can't breakdance. Acid Pro. Fruit Loops. Lap-pop. Two-bit buzzwords, name-drop.

Drums or Dead[edit]

File:Wasa prefuse.jpg

Drums of Death. DJ Shadow. Not this album. More like Girl Talk. But you don't know that. And it has more drum-hats, hi-hats. Did it like that? Dr-dr-dr-dr-dr-um.

Looping effects. Tape effects. Fade out.

Fade in: looping stereophonics like Heaven's heralds making themselves known, announcing the Resurrection and proclaiming the Glory of God's Kingdom on High. Or something like that. I am the Resurrection. Plus some other guy raps. A journey through mind. Of a madman. Mysterious stakes. Mindscapes. Oh no.

Upright bass. It's probably sad. Uptight bass. Earth rotates on a 23 degree axis. St-ro-ke. Ro-ro-ro-ro-roke. Rake.

All in Technicolor. Faded out like an old t-shirt. Prefuse 73. Scott Herren. Beats. Glitches. Prefuse 73.