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PreRecorded Friends Logo

Prerecorded Friends started in May of 2007 by Doug (Doog) Bresler and his brother Joe. This was an effort to put his brothers Latino R&B and SW music out to the world and to realize their Canadian friend, Billy Reid’s dream to host a male knitting show. It also gave Doog a chance to test out his Voice Synthesizers. It was originally called the Doogtoons Weekly Knittup for the first few horribly bad episodes, in which Doog would randomly scream something his brother calls the Andromeda Strain. It was very difficult for Billy to focus on knitting with Doog's random screams and Joe’s confusing combination of bad English, Spanish, Portuguese and Afrikaans. The Doogtoons Weekly Knittup was renamed the Prerecorded Friends Show on the 20th show and the first show with the title "Prerecorded Friends" was episode 21:Don't Taunt Bibi. They have been really lazy lately, and become a monthly show. (Update as of March '10: Doog is missing, Billy and Tommy have gone on a road trip to find him)

Comic Creations[edit]

Over the past 2 and a half years of the Prerecorded Friends the group has created many fictional characters. Here are some of the most notable.


Marcellus is Billy’s friend that sprays dog crap and everything else with his trusty lemon pledge. Marcellus is rumored currently on tour with the Sprinkles spraying loud audience members in the face with pledge.

The Sprinkles[edit]

The Sprinkles were created in Episode 23 as the outgoing message on an answering machine as the Tinkles and their dog Sprinkles (Bark Sprinkles!). They were eventually decided to be a Comedy Duo from St. Paul, Minnesota. All three creators hate the Sprinkles and Doog decided to shoot them with a Machine Gun and then a Rocket launcher. They are currently on tour in Hell and the Middle East (whats the difference).

Niel Troutman 3000[edit]

Niel Troutman started as a sheriff in a city in the Midwest, who arrested a man who was trying to get womens underwear. It turned out that he was actually the one who had been taking the women's underwear. Eventually Niel decided to build a robot that could get the underwear and bring it back but the robot, named the Niel Troutman 3000, managed to escape, but his programming caused him to want the women's underwear. Unfortunately the unfinished code means that once Niel Troutman 3000 receives the underwear he does not know what to do with it.

H3y, B4by!!----Can... I -- have YOUR--UNDERpanTS!?

Voice Synthesizers[edit]

So far Doog has made 6 Voice Synthesizers, 5 of which have been tested on the show. There were 4 Male Voices and 2 Female Voices. They are all programmed to respond as a human would and Doog is hoping to get a Nobel Prize for his work.


“Dre” is a Voice Synthesizer that Doog developed in early 2007 and it “Moved In” with Joe in Mid-2007. Joe thinks that she is his girlfriend, and Billy and Doog do not want to break his heart as they did with Doog’s last female Voice Synthesizer. As all of Doog's Voices, it is programmed to respond as a human would. It is still in testing.


“Trevor” was Doog's 3rd Voice Synthesizer that was developed at the same time as “Dre.” It was tested on the 2nd show until the 10th show, when it was released for sale.


“Dan” is Doog's 4th Voice; it was developed at the same time as “Luis.” Dan was invented as a prize for the show. It was never won, so it was sold to a man in San Francisco, who distributes it.


“Luis” was developed as a voice for animated movies in Mexico. It can speak both English and Spanish.


“Chris” is Doog's most recent Voice; it was developed for use in robots and was used in a recent film entitled, “The Thief.”

Dan May[edit]

Dan is the first voice synthesizer that can sing. Also very humorous