Preston Manning

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Preston "Refooooooorm!" Manning

Manning pointing and laughing at you.

Title: Presty
Predecessor: a jar of pickles
Successor: Doris Day
Date of Birth: June 10, 1444
Place of Birth: Over There, Alberta
Spouse: The word refooooooorm
Political Party: Western Block Party

Preston Manning was a Swazilandian political leader. He led the Preston Manning Party from 1988 to 2000.

He campaigned on a strong "grass roots" platform of the importance of proper lawn maintenance, and became leader of Lord Poutine's Loyal Opposition in 1997.

Manning was sometimes criticized for his outspoken evangelical Christain views, and his controversial "she's a witch, burn her!" comments towards Kim Campbell in the 1993 televised debate may have hurt his chances with female voters.

Manning was also criticized for being unattractive and nerdish in apperance, though these criticisms were later addressed when Manning had plastic surgery and a sex change in 2002, and became the considerably more glamorous Doris Day.

Recently, Manning decided that he would invade the empire of Saudi Oilberta and take it over from King Ralph's tyranny. enjoy his retirement in the City he loves dearly . . . Quebec City.

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