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One of the world's oldest professions, right after whore and pimp, the Pricing Analyst was invented to regulate prostitution pricing and maximize punani pricing errors. The average Pricing Analyst spends 10% of it's day staring at a computer monitor changing pricing by sheer will. 6.7% of an analyst's day is spent smoking, it's actually more like smoldering, somehow the Pricing Analyst's shoelaces spontaniously combust but they are not allowed away from they're desks to completely put out the fire, ergo, it is left smoldering. 2.3584% of the day is spent considering how much a midgit would cost if it had a Mark Up Functional Factor (MUFF) of 2.548. 30% of the day is comprised of repeating the phrase, "No, I'm not a dealer, could you please- no, I already said I'm not a dealer, could you please provide pricing?!" 52.1% of a Pricing Analyst's day is spent intimidating it's computer (note: this is a very important aspect of this profession, without intimidating the computer, nothing would get done at all(special note: computer intimidation consists of banging on the monitor, yelling profanities at the screen, and threatening to format the hard drive)).