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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Prijepolje.

Prijepolje is a megalopolis, in Serbia, and it have a bjudifu landscape, rivers, multiculturality, etc. But suddenly Prijepolje in 2006 developed a problem about high denstity of its people, and has as of 2007 begun to implement a plan to move a certain number of people in German city, Friedrichsdorf , where is holding now a great preparation about moving a part of people of Prijepolje into that noble city.


The great conquers of Prijepolje, great almighty heroes of Shiprazije's age of new era. It was shown a two face of conquering our city. First face is breaking the strong front lines in front of the Home of Revolution, and the second one is his glorius progress in fight for liberation of Shabans imperialisticism and if you notice suitcase, there is a succesor of their government, when they go on the vacation. The holy secret of their succesor still remains unknown.

Prijepolje was first mentioned in the article in the local newspaper called "Polimlje"("Next to river Lim"), which was the first name of this town, because river Lim flows through this town, and they will stay in history as a very creative and smart people.Actualy they invented power, air and wather, and the bloody Yankies took that them away, ofcourse when they found them, deep in the Balkans, the new creative force for the new centuries.In the beginer of the town history,which was in late may 2006, the few people,start to build something.The most important infrostructure was constisted of the gym #1,gym#2,gym#78,turbo-folk caffe's with chilled atmosphere,where you could have a nice brain-heart attack, which could in that time satisfied your daily dose of the sweet clinical death.

  • 12.XII 2006 "The things are going to change,akobogda-inshalla", are the motto of new brave forces in Prijepolje, and their protests all over the bridge in New Sedobro.Obviosly they missed the town, and there was nothing from the changes.
  • 12.XII 2006 14:17 PM Small group, came in New SEdobro #2 and tried to organized another protest,but they was very pissed off at the protest leader and in the same time at the tribe ledaer, who tried to open a can of the fresh cooled drink of the "Sjenichki jogurat" which was forbidden drink in that region, because the Sjenica'z conflict in the late afternoon,in the same day.
  • 12.XII 2006 18:48 PM It's was clear that the new of age,a new period for the lost people of Prijepolje will be very windy,but not,the tribe leaders ,was so ocupied with theirs personal view of the near future of Prijepolje,mainly about a place where sholud be placed a new monument, for the killed pioners of chimbur'z (favourited breakfast in this region)inventors, that they start a separation of the Prijepolje.

The three sided was,and they still remain :

  • Machkovina (from the house of Tufik to the Ivanje and from the Lim to the Black Sea)
  • Mrchkovina (isolated place in Ivezići )
  • MAzlumaninijax headquarters (center of Prijepolje and the 78 Universums of Giga -Univerzium)

THree divided people, are now living in harmony,and war for the monument in Zabrdnji Toci.

Culture & music[edit]

  • Shipakz in the bushes is a very popular ultra-giga-mega-turbo-folk group in Pr,lead by talented girls from Sedobro and Pravoshevo, but this girl in Pravoshevo,have girl that is a godfather of aunts daughter grandfather of amidzas of most notable person of Prijepolje ,Aco Pejovich, young boy from the Ivanje,the most popular singer in 24 meter per square of his house.
  • Ceca is a ruler of 89% part of area of Prijepolje

Temporaly ruler of Prijepolje[edit]

  • Tonka (last seen at 15:38 AM), from the Quinn familly

Culture events[edit]

  • Mazlumijada held every year,competition where the best Mazlum win's in varibale disciplines as fashion and drinking oil.

Future place of part of Priepolians.

Places of interest[edit]

  • main street
  • second main street
  • woods&trees
  • bushes
  • The great hospital
  • Sharampow, center of the world (suck it Vakuf!)
  • birth place of Asterix LXVII


AHhahAhahahaHAHha... Omg... AaHaHahaHha... Whait,whait... Eco-no... AHahahaHha,rotfmao... HA-haaaaaaaa,ahahaha,muhahAhaHaH,zrrrrr...

Creatures in Prijepolje and it's demography[edit]

  • Zombies 87%
  • Shabanz 12%
  • Unnormal people 48%
  • Mazlums 45,45%
  • Internal mazlums 74%
  • Red coated haplak'z 48,34%

Motto's of the Unormal people of municipality of Prijepolje[edit]

  • "To shto zivim u banana stejt,ne znachi da sma glup i da sam strejt,to sto zivim u shupku svjeta ne znachi da sam manje vrijedan" by Zoster
  • "Aish ?"

Main goals of development in the municipality of Prijepolje[edit]

  • agriculture
  • agriculture art
  • agriculture poetism
  • agriculture science
  • agriculture physical education
  • agriculture mind
  • agriculture philosophy
  • agriculture wirelles internet
  • agriculture crap
  • agriculture history
  • agriculture mathematics
  • agriculture education
  • agriculture monuments
  • agriculture tourism
  • agriculture design
  • agriculture web-hosting
  • agriculture photography
  • agriculture software v 3.78

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