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Prima is the greatest video game strategy guide writer ever to exist. She lives in Tokyo, Japan, and works for her own private company, Prima, inc.. Prima is a control freak and makes sure that all the strategy guides that come from Prima, inc. are written by her. All the employees that work for her are in charge of lavishly decorating these guides, buying video games for her, and printing the guides out. Prima has nice long blond hair and is known for being one of the sexiest women on Earth. However, because of her time spent writing guides, she cannot go on dates. In her spare time she sleeps. She is also a Pokemon trainer, and specializes in water-types. She is a close relative of Samus Aran. She used to be the Queen of the Martians.

Preceded by:
Martian Commander
Queen of the Martians
1986 - 2004
Succeeded by:
Martian Manhunter