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Princess Daisy, also known as The Tomboy Formerly Known As Daisy (April 11, 1969-December 22, 2012), is the ruler of Monaco (now Sarasaland) and the sexy tomboy who hates getting kidnapped, and loves raping her enemies and getting raped, especially Bowser if she gets kidnapped and/or raped. Being a tomboy, she appeared in Super Mario Land in 1989 just as she was captured.

Another tomboy has finally arrived. This time, it's a princess chick!


Early life[edit]

Daisy was born in a palace in Monaco in 1969. When she was young she would travel to the Mushroom Kingdom to play with her childhood friend Princess Peach. But she would always get kidnapped by Bowser and his family. At the age of six, she became ruler of Monaco. Unlike Peach, Daisy was quite peaceful and was very sporty. Because of that, she became a tomboy all her life as a result of behaving boyish (in a way that she likes to do men's stuff). Often people have wondered aloud on how on mushroom kingdom Daisy could be friends with such a cow as Princess Peach.

Teenage Years[edit]

“She started to become more tomboyish. I bet that she will become a lesbian when she gets older”
~ Daisy's friends on Daisy

Because she was very tomboyish, many of her enemies, especially Boweser, tried to kidnap her, but they always get beaten and raped. But Daisy didn't become a lesbian. She became a bisexual princess, because of her preferred choice of both males and females. She started going out with Luigi at the age of 16 because of his famousness so she could get a taste of the lime light. She never acually loved him. Luigi, being scared, never felt safe with Daisy. Princess Daisy first experienced sex when after she won a bike race, she has never had sex with Luigi. Her friends were stunned to see that all tomboys become lesbians when she went out with Luigi,and felt sorry for Luigi. When she was 25, she saw Princess Peach selling drugs to minors. Daisy set a good example by giving a good whup-ass on Peach. Peach later regretted. Princess Daisy first appeared in Super Mario Land in 1989, at the end of the Cold War.

Celebrity period[edit]

In 1993, Daisy starred in a movie called Super Mario Bros. Originally, they casted Princess Peach, but she was kidnapped anyway, so they picked Princess Daisy instead. Although the movie is popular in the Mushroom Kingdom, everywhere else in the world, the movie was said to be one of the worst ever. In an interview in 2005, Daisy said that her worst movie she was in is her first one. She starred in the movie Speed in 1996, and it was successful. The last movie she starred in was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. And that was the end of her shittiest career: acting.


In 1993, while she was sleeping, Princess Daisy was kidnapped by Bowser. When Mario and Luigi arrived to rescue her, they discovered that she was raped by Bowser. Daisy became pregnant and gave birth to Bowser Jr., who would later be ruling Bowser's army with Bowser. Elmo impregnated Princess Daisy shortly after making Princess Peach pregnant. Daisy now has her first child with Waluigi (as weird as it sounds...) a girl she named Xena Gwendolyn Mario, who will be the next on the throne. Bert had also fucked her up many times, only one pregnancy being successful (Robby Rotten was born but was abandoned at birth and adopted by homosexuals). Wario is also trying to score with her, but she's too friggin' replused by him.


Fucking Princess Peach she is lez so w0t did u expect

WARNING: Daisy may look innocent and sweet but she's a tomboy! She may end up raping you instead, or kicking your ass one or the other.


People Who Kidnapped Princess Daisy[edit]

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