Princess Sierra

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Also Known as Princess Wolfen, she is the princess of Wolftin. She was the original Daisy but was deleted in production because she lookedto much like Princess Peach in her human form. But has a dirty little secret... This is where they first used Lucario.


She was born to King Sawreck and Queen Sullwool. The older siblings are 12 years older than her and have evil sides. They intend to kill the King and Queen and their baby sister so that they can be the two next heirs for the throne of Wolftin. But them being evil theres still an eviler one... SUSALOT (Like Bowser)and his son DECALOT (like Bowser Jr). They ambush Sierra in the Wolftin Woodlands and send her down an earlier form of spirling portal like the ones on (Partners In Time) and is found by Mario, Luigi and Peach and is nursed back to health.

Early Life[edit]

Not much to her early life really but once shes nursed back to health she started dating Luigi. And it all started on Rainbow Road.