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Professor Boozy Pepper, or Prof B. Pepper for short is an alchoholic drink based on popular fizzy cough syrup drink Dr. Pepper. Although alchohic, children and adults alike enjoy Prof B. Pepper in Britain and America due to the Gentleman Skeleton worming his way into both Number ten and the Oval office.

The Gentleman Skeleton

The Gentleman Skeleton is the creator, CEO and mascot of Prof B. Pepper. Amongst other things he is British Prime-minister and President of the U.S. These last two were only so he could twist alcohol laws to allow children to drink his product. Also, contrary to popular belief, he wrote The alphabet of manliness and not Maddox.


Prof B. Pepper was discovered on February 10th 2007, by the Gentleman Skeleton. Due to all his manly cigars he had a rather nasty cough, but decided that although he felt rather ill, he would percivere with his drinking. Whilst pouring out his cough syrup, he accidently spilled a smidgen into his whiskey dram. Not one to waste cough syrup(or whiskey for that matter), he drank up and was delighted by the taste. Due to the fact Dr. Pepper tastes extremely like fizzy cough syrup he tried this combination, which was also to his liking, and decided to go into business.

Into Business