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A 1923 pro-prohibition poster

Between World War One and the lynching of black people in the South, Prohibition was one of the highly productive and righteous moral crusades launched by the religious right to "save America from itself". Then, when prohibition was repealed, they marshalled their forces and tried again, using as a front group the Menopausal Alliance Doing Damage, or MADD for short. MADD's plan for a new Prohibition is based on an inherent hatred of freedom and liberty. It is also a secret attempt by the Religious right to stop hobos from reaching enlightenment.

Eighteenth amendment[edit]

Between 1896 and 1920, the United States (One Nation, Under God and Over Easy) was subject to massive immigration of Irish peasants who fled their homeland during their 19th century potato whisky famine. Something had to be done. Most of the Irish were not wealthy, and it became increasingly clear that poor people in general were not wealthy. Worse yet, they liked to drink, a privilege the Christians innately understood should only belong to the rich.

In 1919, the Eighteenth Amendment passed, which killed two stones with one bird: it banned alcohol for dirty poor people, and discouraged Irish immigration.

Prohibition completely ended the consumption of alcohol within the United States. During the 1920s nobody was officially served a drink in America. It was a time of great joy, economic stability, rum runners, world peace, bathtub gin, and the sobering love and compassion of Jesus Christ, our fnord.

America turns its back on God (again!)[edit]

The forces of God again mounted His wrath against the sinners and false worshippers of liquor. Although the eighteenth amendment was repealed in 1933, which clearly led to Rock and Roll, recreational sex, and quality satire on television, they tried to bring it back in the early mid-21st century.

The forces of God try to reinstate alcohol prohibition in the United States, and are opposed by drunks, barkeeps, and the Irish

Dota defense of the ancients.jpg

Ultimately, the drunks and Irish won!!!

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