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What is the Psycho Friends Network?[edit]

Unoffical Logo of the Psycho Friends Network

The Psycho Friends Network is a group of people who are psychopaths and are interested in time travel and other strange, bizarre, and weird things. It was founded by Orion Blastar in 1995 in an attempt to infiltrate Uncyclopedia and other sources of information on the Internet, to promote time travel and future technology. Some members are those born on or around December 14th.*cough* *cough* andrea *cough* *cough*


  • Never die! Repeat to yourself "I shall not die!"
  • Don't let those bastards win.
  • Never give up, never surrender!
  • Run Away! Run Away!
  • Rule the world with an iron first and a brilliant mind.
  • Hooah! Or Hoorah!
  • Be committed to excellence.
  • Don't do drugs because drugs are bad, m'kay?
  • Kill them all, let God sort them out.
  • We come in peace, but shoot to kill.
  • Become so insane that we become sane and normal.

Who are the known members of The Psycho Friends Network?[edit]

Besides Orion Blastar, some famous members include:

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