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The Psychological Perception test was prepared by Dr. Edward Fruitcake himself. All who have tried discovered whether they had a mental illness or not.

Now, you - yes, <insert name here>!-- Can discover that you're insane in the comfort of your own home. The answers are at the bottom of the page.

The test begins...Nnnnow!


Here we ask you questions, and you answer them!


1. Name_____________________

2. Address_____________________

3. Phone Number____________________

4. Gender Male_______ Female________ Other(Specify)__________

5. Age_____________________

6. Title Mr._________ Mrs.________ Ms.________ Mstr.________ Dr.________ Hon.________ Prs.________ King__________ Queen_________ Duchess________ Duke_________ G.Reaper_________ Master Nerd__________.

7. Surname___________________

8. email__________________

9. HotMail__________________

10. GMail___________________

11. Thumbprint ID Code_________________

12. Size of jeans_______________

13. Tinfoil hat size_______________

14. Height______________________

Also 14. Weight______________________

Also 14. Height and Weight added together and divided by the value of X_______________________

Not 14(15). Favourite Wrestler____________________

16(Not 15). Favourite song by Pat Boone____________________

17 (Not 14). Favourite Tap Dance number in the background of the third scene of an episode of Futurama written by Patric M. Verrone when he was kidnapped by giant space bees from the planet Omicron Persei 8 who were drunk after going to Moe's in another universe through a black hole that was spinning at about the speed of sound that was created when a star imploded when it was shot down by Klingons who had just been to the Starbucks on Mars during the 1880's when they were confronted by Zorak who melted them with his heat ray which was made by a company where the CEO was an orangutan freed by a mad hippie who was devoured by the Horrible Gelatinous Blob who was sick of all the Sci-Fi references this article made and went to jump off a bridge when he was hit by a car worth 1001 Pesos while Martin Luther King was making his famous speech using a microphone made by an intelligent bear who hated Jellystone Park and went on rampage there and I doubt you're still reading this now and I've forgotten what I'm writing want to get a pizza totally who was stopped by Scoutmaster Lumpus who believed that everything was Slinkman's job who liked to drink coffee NOT made by Starbucks.__________________________________

18 (Not a clown with a flamethrower). I.Q._____________________________

19. Name again______________________________

A few questions[edit]

This is all rather straightforward, this bit.

1. Who closes the mall early?

2. And wants you in by dark?

3. Who gets all mad and surly? When you make a smart remark?

4. Who do we have to hide from? From Dimmsdale to all Beijing?

5. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

6. Who did you put the blame on? Why? Was this Justified? Was it Unjustified? Why is this? Are you experiencing Difficulties understanding these questions?

The good questions begin! Sanity test[edit]

The true shape of perception may best be represented by a lame-ass ani-gif on your harddrive. Think about it.

7. This question will test your sanity in ways never experienced before. Seriously.


If you COWARD think you're brave COWARD enough, then COWARD go into COWARD COWARD the bar where all the tough guys go and COWARD read the COWARD following COWARD message. COWARD!

Of course, you don't have to... YOU COWARD!!

"Salutations, Malefactors! I am Endeavouring for an Oppurtunity to Enterpreneur my way into a Plethora of Monetary Objects, But to Implore this Exciting Idealistic Lifestyle, I Require a Menagerie of Tremendously XXXL sized Gigantic-Muscled Anger-Prone Anthropomorphic Burglars to Overthrow Bill Gates and Hostile-y Takeover Microsoft to Encounter a Fortune of Mammoth Proportions not yet Observed by Current Civilization in the Entire History of this Plane of Existence! Who will Explore the Hypothetical thought of Assisting me into a Fully Developed Thought that has a Positive Persuasion?"(make sure you say it fairly fast)

Count the number bruises you have, unless you were a COWARD. What shape are they in?

8. Do you think you would've had that many bruises if you said-

"I'm gonna give a bunch o' money to dose peoples brave enough to come help me beat up stuff!"

If you had said that, would you be the proud new owner of Microsoft? Why? Why not? Would your life be a million times better if you had? Why? Why not?

If you said the statement in Question 7, then go into the exact same place again and say the above statement. If you say the above statement, then what happens? How many more bruises did you have?


9. If you only did question 8 and not question 7, are you the proud new owner of Microsoft?

If so, will you give me 500 dollars? Why? Why not?

10. If you are the proud new owner of Microsoft, what will your first decision be? Will it be to make flying turtles? Why? Why not?

11. If you did make flying turtles, would you proceed to make super soldiers that will ride them and make you the unquestioned ruler of all that exists? If so, what will be your first decision as the SUPREME DICTATOR OF THE UNIVERSE! AAAAAAAAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!? Will it be to give me money? Why? Why not?

12. If you are the SUPREME DICTATOR OF THE UNIVERSE! AAAAAAAAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!, is your life a TRILLION times better? Why? Why not? Oh who am i kidding, of COURSE IT IS! SERIOUSLY, YOU OWN THE UNIVERSE!!!!

13. If you said the statement in question 7, in how many ways is your life worse? Why? Why not?

This! Is the meaning! Of life![edit]

14. The meaning of life is 42. Extrapolate on this context. How is the ultimate answer a number? Seeing as this number is made up of a four and a two, if you add the four and the two together, do you get six? Why? Why not?

15. If you got six, did you find that the meaning of life is still 42? Why? Why not?

16. If you did not get 6, then how are you even reading this? Where? Where not?


Why must you touch me like that? When can we just go home? Why don't you stop shaving? Are you still angry with my mother? Can we still fudruck?