Pudge Daddy

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Lyric Sample[edit]

"You Gun let her suck his toe? You best Smack dat skanky ho!" - Pudge Daddy, "Smack That Skanky Ho"

The Early Years[edit]

In 1984 Pudge Daddy joined the SugarHill Gang. After the hit, "Rapper's Delight" he left the group because he was not credited with coming up with the title of the song. Soon after he recorded the song, "Fat Rapper" it sold about three copies, two of which were bought by his mom. After his big flop Pudge Daddy decided to start producing. He produced a string of his including, "I Raq" by Men With Ridiculous Hair Cuts, "I Guess You Really Wanna Hurt Me" by The Class Group, and "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston. Then the '80s ended and Pudge was without a job.

The '90s[edit]

In the early '90s "Gangsta" rap was on the rise and Pudge Daddy wasn't hip. He tried to get on the revolution in music by releasing a song called, "Gangsta Ass Nigga". But, being white, it wasn't recieved well. The backlash was incredible. Pudge had to go into hiding to avoid being shot. When he emerged in 1995 he heard something that stunned him. A gansta rapper by the name of Tupac said that his was a "Busta Ass Punk" and "Needed to get to his 'Clan' meeting.". Pudge, not being a very reasonable person reacted in a way he always does, violently. He took a gun with him on a trip to Las Vegas. While there he noticed Tupac in the casino fighting with some people. He retreated to his car where he waited on Pac to exit the casino. When he saw Pac and his Crew drive off he followed. When he caught them he opened fire, hitting Pac in the face. He sped away after causing massive damage. When he got home heard that Pac was in the hospital suffering from gunshot wounds. Pudge went into hinding again, only to make a return in the 2000s

The Internet Return[edit]

In the year 2006 someone registered an account on www.myspace.com under the name Pudge Daddy. Though many people think the account is fake, there are some that believe that Pudge Daddy is preparing for his triumphant return to the music scene.