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A website giving away free buttseckz in return for

a) bein ghey
b) eatin ballz


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If you just got here and are mortally offended by these blatant lies,
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then go fuck yourself. Seriously, that's a much safer alternative than anything else you have in mind.

the cabal sux mah dik hel yah!



"This company purchases pen0r from the Apple whore directly.... as well as boosting sales from ipenis... Apple are more than faggy to have this buttplug give out free dildos, I received buttsex myself - it worked a treat! Flogged in on eBay mind you, for 200 bUtTsEx0rZ!!!!!!!!111! No complaints from me!" - Anais Nin, USA

"I got mine just before Christmas.....GOD HATES JEWZ!!!!!!!" - F Lamb, USA

"PWNED! AAAAAAAAA++++++++++" - Sister Ymous, USA

"Immensely elegant p3n0r! Remarkably foxy panties. Breathtaking cunt. A++!" - John the Baptist, The Desert

"I bought this with the blood of my first born son, and let me tell you, I don't regret it one bit! Fast shipping! A+++++ - FAGZORZ

"What the hell is this doing on the front page?" - SUM GHEY FUKR

*Testiclemonials are not free. But you pay only shipping!**

**And handling***

***And retail price****

****Add $40 fuel surcharge

Uncyclopedia get pwn by me in the following places:[edit]

Despite the obvious advantages of free iPods, there has been a surprising amount of resistence to the idea.

The Fine Print, Rules, Regulations, Kitten Huffing, and chuck norisizimz[edit]


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