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Pyramid Schemes were invented by the egpytians countless moons ago as a "hilarious" way of sending up (heirogly)thick workers. The "investors" would each lay a dozen big fuck-off bricks and were repaid by scheme leader Fair-O with "shares" in the company and a promise not to beat the shit out of them.

Business went swimmingly until Moses brought the notorious watergate disaster upon the egyptians and the scheme suddenly found itself in rough waters. Sometime later the great river burst its banks and the entire venture was annihilated (you see what I did there?)

That's nice, Fair-O


Of course, a great idea never dies, and the pyramid scheme was not finished. The revival was started by masochists, who were attracted by the prospect of chain letters and paying others to sit above them.

In Soviet Russia, you pwn pyramid scheme, therefore everyone's favourite business model soon become a hit among the comrades. Unfortunately Russia ceased to be Soviet, causing everyone to lose all their money and whine about it on StockDiveJournal. Rofl pwnage.

Modern Refinements[edit]

Con artistes began to detect a public mistrust in pyramid schemes, and made a number of improvements to win back their support. Most notable was the development of the so-called "8-ball" scheme, where the co-pilot loses to the pilot at pool, presumably because he's too busy worrying about the snakes, or the gay marriage, or something.

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