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Queef Demon[edit]

The Queef Demon, whose lineage to Cathy Lee Gifford and Darth Hitler has not been confirmed

The Queef Demon (Vexillum Everto Tela), is one of the main soldiers used to fight the War on Heaven, and usually spawns from the queef (also known as Sumo Ianua Knob Ornatus) of a female during her erectile state. He is also the exact opposite of The Phantom Fetus.

The Entry[edit]

The Queef Demon can wait months before it finds a suitable vagina to house in. The Queef Demon usually gains access to the vagina through what scientists call "The Sociotapeist Physiosmilyosisfaceism of the commonly quoted "Lysergic acid Diethylamide of Fervens Mollis Pecto a Sclerosis". In more technical terms, this means that it launches itself into the vaginal cavity of the female

What Happens Next?[edit]

A Queef Demon in the rare Trapezoid state

The Queef Demon, being from the fourth hierarchy of Satan's Mechanics and Monkey Repairers, is very patient. It can stay all cuddled in a makeshift womb that it builds (known as a rhombus fish tank), for up to 53.6 thousand years, even if the body its inhabiting has long passed away. The Queef Demon develops greatly throughout it's stay, growing eyes filled with raging hellfires (see top of page), as well as a Reverse Pentagram on their forehead.

The Release[edit]

When the Holy Chime of Hell is rung, it is expected that every single person infected with a Queef Demon will release them from their messy homes. This will not cause only a big mess, but the Queef Demons will immediately take over the world, eat your children, and steal every Pogo Stick we have to offer.

Other Life Forms[edit]

Queef Demons dont just appear in Female Humans, they can appear in:


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