Queen Victoria Secrets

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The hit underwear catalouge for the late 1850's was created Victoria of saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld who's life is strangely intertwined with that of Queen Victoria's. The magazine was designed to appeal to a new generation of women who wanted to look good when they died of consumption, but it quickly became the main stay of perverts like Charles Dickens, Florence nightingale and Prince Albert because it displayed the ankles of the women concerned. The title is thought to come from the fact that Queen Victoria spent a long time undercover as a prostitute in order to kill Jack the Ripper, which she did even after it became clear that the killer was her husband 'Al'. This fact has been denied by the royal family ever since.

Dicken's favourite model

Victoria came under heavy criticism when for no reason in 1861 she suddenly decided only to have black in her catalouge. This did increase her sales among cross dressing undertakers, but unfortunly this also cut off the perverts who were generally only looking at it at night and so they got first confused and then gave up. The catalouge was eventually pulled in 1901 for reasons unknown.