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Qwerty is a country located in between the continents of Australia and Mars. The country was established on January 27, 1111 by it's first overlord, Joe "Shade" Schmo. The Schmo's have ruled the country of Qwerty ever since, with over 14.7 generations of the family ruling the country. It spans over 2174978169598984 million square miles with an approximate population of 1234567890.

Qwerty is most well-known for it's #1 imports of dead babies, ice cubes, and pie. It is also the home of The Purple Elephant Brigade


QWERTY is a country with a very interesting history behind him. Ok, I lying on this subject. A certain type called Joe unloaded there for some reason and claimed as a its own ground. They needed a name for him, thus they called it "QWERTY" because "[ [ Germany ] ]" had been already taken. Now, the country had a population of only 5.5 human, of 2 spangled, and of a dead chicken "[ [ the workmen slaves|royal ] ]" made cook a dinner of chicken and it attracted immigrants of everywhere in the world. However, there were only one chicken and 666.666 people. This carried out the country in a civil war. The war more in 4 seconds since a chicken herd of [ [ hell ] ] left the ground. However, they were spiced too much, and a majority of the immigrants could not handle spiced foods. This evovled in another civil war which lasted during 12 years. 88% of the population were killed. This heavy concept of died in the country attracted much [ [ goth ] ] immigrants, bringing the population up to 2 million. These goths evovled soon and one went well to Joe "shade" Schmo II, though it was not even related to the original Joe.

The noodle holocaust[edit]

In 1338, Qwerty suffered a severe noodle drought. The only other country that had noodles at the time was China, so they invaded China without an explanation. This didn't solve anything, though. Even though they killed a whole bunch of Chinese people, they still didn't get their goddamn noodles back!

Conflicts with Country and emos[edit]

Qwerty's neighboring country of Country had been having conflicts with each other between the mid-1800s and the 1930s. At the time, Country was the only country populated with emos. They soon started to illegalation known as The Purples Elephant brigade. Eventually, Country gave up their freedom and became part of Qwerty. Schmo IX responded to this event saying, "LOL, we pwnt u noobs!1!11"

The Apathetic Plague[edit]

Meh. On some day in some year in some city of Qwerty, this dude did this thing and some plague came and did stuff. People did other stuff and on some day this other guy did something and the plague like, disappeared or something like that. Yeah. Also, nobody cared.

Also, poopoo


Qwerty runs on a government based on the powers of democracy of dictatorship. People vote for a guy that will screw the country over. Actually, it's a lot like America's government now that you think about it. Anyway, the rulers of Qwerty are known as Overlords and run a term of 42 years. Each is allowed X terms. However, all of the overlords have been related to the country's original discoverer, Joe "Shade" Schmo. None have ever had a running opponent in an election either. Just think of how easy it would be to rule Qwerty....


The citizens of Qwerty speak 4 different languages. These languages are English, Leet, Pig Latin, and gibberish. Although a majority of the population can speak Klingon as well, it still isn't considered one of the country's official languages. This led into several protests by the klingon-speakers. They were all simply sent back to wherever the hell it is that Klingons come from.

Major Cities[edit]

The capitol of Qwerty is the city of Azerty, which is where Joe Shcmo landed in 1111. Not to be confused with the Aztec, the citizens of Azerty invented the toilet, ice cubes, and the keyboard. However, Azerty is not the country's largest city. The largest city in the country is Asdf, which was founded in A.D.D 42 by Jesus Christ.


Apparently, Qwerty is colored yellow in all maps these days.


  • The QWERTY keyboard design was of course, named after the country.
  • Some dude in Qwerty invented pop music, one of Qwerty's lesser inventions.
  • The Qweritan army communicates through the unique code of "AAAAAAA!".