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The RTS is, quite possibly, the most stimulating and complex genre of gaming around. To some, however, this is the most dumbass gaming experience comprehensible, such that staring at it kills brain cells and then spontaneaously forms a brain-cell killing virus that eats out all the other brain cells until you are driven bat fuck insane. Of course, those all proof of this is dead from bat fuck insanity, and is thus incable of autopsy due to the lack of braincells to determine any mental condition, whatsoever. So, whatever man.

Origin of the RTS[edit]

The game known as the 'Reel-Time' first began in 1676, when you took a movie reel and flung it around for the most unintellectually stimulating experience ever. It was really fun to watch and everybody laughs and has a gay old time, even the intellectually isolated, genius, anti-social communists. Since then, 'Reel Time' has been fused with other games to create some of the most complex strategy games around. This genre has come to be known as RTS or 'Reel-Time Strategy'.

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