Rabbi Thome Luish

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Rabbi Thome Luish

Rabbi Thome Luish is both a person for whom the personalized license plate 'RBBTHL' was created in the year 2007 and a statistical category in wiffle ball games. Not much is known about Rabbi Thome Luish the person beyond the fact that he signs his name to odd things sporadically and can be seen on Yahoo! games playing online bridge.

When playing wiffle ball, a Rabbi Thome Luish occurs when a ball strikes the exposed root of The Geeness Tree in fair territory and bounces up into The Geeness Tree's leaves.

Ambrose Bierce famously depicted a Rabbi Thome Luish in his book, Sock Eat (2008):

And so with the wistful countenance that Geeky knew would not become him in the eyes of his own brother, Lord Fergus Adam, he lobbed forth a reallyfast ball that grazed the upper portions of the strike zone. Consternation could be seen bubbling underneath Fergus' skin as his forehead turned an off-pink hue. Fergus was determined not to let another ra get by him for the rout. Geeky's next pitch began as a wavering shot at Fergus' back, but quickly it parried and began biting again into Fergus' large strike zone. Doggedly, Fergus swatted at the pitch with a wristy, last minute swing. He struck the ball solidly, but towards what should have been the ground. The ball found itself careening toward a root that had been thrust out of its earthen home by its very proprietor, The Geeness Tree. Striking the root with considerable force the ball ascended upward into the same tree's arboreal world of twinkling green leaves that were, in the cosmic sense, always foul... always. Geeky and Fergus were transfixed, not sure whether to be happy or sad. Both ended up mumbling the same thing - a monotonic and prolonged, "Gee..."