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The race card is one of the most powerful cards in existence.

One of the most powerful cards in existence, the race card can be played in any situation. The race card gives the user the ability to win any argument remotely pertaining to ethnicity or skin color by accusing the opponent of being racist. Although "race" is actually a completely fabricated social construct engineered by "The Man" to keep a brotha down, the race card itself is real, thus validating the whole boondoggle through a sleazy loophole. The card itself and The Man himself are both on display in a top-secret underground cryo-tainment park, in that order, located somewhere beneath the arctic sea itself.

Although there are no restrictions on the card's usage, it loses power if utilized constantly. It gains +50% power if the user is of a different ethnicity of the opponent. Additionally, the card is doubled in power if the opponent is white.


The Race card can be played in any event such as an argument, a economical dispute (Who's paying for my fucking car? You, I'm a minority), also games like blackjack, Yugioh (All your white type monsters go to the Graveyard (Jail)) and my personal favorite: at school (Give me that 'A' bitch "as you play the race card")

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