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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Sorcery?

“Ahh! MAGIC”

~ Oscar Wilde on sorcer...RADAR.

“Radar suspended my license and killed my family”

~ Mr. Mac on The REAL radar.

The discovery of RADAR boo beeboop beeboo boop[edit]

RADAR is a heinous crime that the pope was accused of committing during his ungodly stay in

The Pope while in CHINA... wow.

china, he stumbled upon this foul and blasphemous art of RADAR while knitting. Now for what radar is: RADAR, aside from being highly blasphemous, is a form of sorcery that allows you to calculate the distance between china and anything you can see from china. for example if you are in china and you are reading an atlas AND you shot it with a RADAR gun at the atlas you would be able to tell the distance from your location in china to that specific point in the atlas.

Sorc...Radar and CHINA[edit]

Since the beginning of time the chinese have been tinkering with RADAR but all of their scientists were either executed for blasphemy, or remained unborn (one child rule). The first and most prominent of these so called RADAR men is random asian (currently dictator of north KOREA, and thus a real champion) he used radar to calculate the distance between his hand and tea cup (or crumpet whatever his silly communist meals consist of), thus greatly reducing energy used during his trek towards the cup.

How to unlock and make use of the magic and SORCERY that is RADAR[edit]

By using RADAR you run a high risk of being killed for crimes against GOD but there are a brave few who use it despite the possibly deadly consequences. First off radar only functions after appealing to the grand wizard, and begging to use radar, second one must know that radar is divided by the hypotonuse of pi then trippled by a factor of nine so that the wave length is moving at a constant speed and frequency then, assuming its a rainy wendsday, one might wish to calculate the time it takes for the radio wave to come from the gun to the atlas and then back to the gun again THUS CALCULATING DISTANCE BECUASE YOU HAVE THE POWER of the GRAND SORCERER on your side and because you know distance and speed.

Great Radar men in history[edit]