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Ragnarok Online is a online freewilly roleplaying game. Created by Gravity (founded by Isaac Newton), and released on April 1st, 2300 b. C., this online gaming service allows you to register an account to play and chat with other people.


There are a large array of jobs as said earlier. This is an attempt to cover each and every job class and their jobs, taken directly from the manual.

Normal Class[edit]

Includes Swordie, Axie,Staffie, Newbie, David Bowie, n00bie and Chimpo ,that can Do a 1337zor skill called ASS, U R A FaG or The PWN Button ,but the Chimpo dies in the process so it's useless.

Bastardly Whack Job Class[edit]

This class is uber whack. they can wield everything except whips and are buff and Pone all noobs in PvPWoeRPGRPvp Servers. They have an absolutely great skills tree and can pone all noobs. on Chaos servers they are over populated and do 300000k damages with a crit of 100000 and are uber 1337!!!!JU NOOB!!!11111(it's name is Monkey or Chimpo(after losing his life at lvl 99))

PS: I do not understand this class.

Slut Job Class[edit]

(Female Only)

The slut job class is not recommended as many desperate 10 year olds will not only pest you but follow you round and zoom in on your characters "Exposed" body appearance. Slut can turn into "P|20N Star" or alternatively she can just develop larger breasts and have the ability to use a Whip and wear a "Nurse hat"

Leech Job Class[edit]

Often seen wandering around for money, food, or even dignity. Can become Hobo Many people find this job class effective as they can gank people Shit. now at first this may seem useless. but think of it this way. an AFK merchant is sitting there and you can steal a 10million $$$ item! and the most likely coolest thing about this 1337 class is they can become "Thug" and spray paint walls with insults and rude remarks to moderators!

God Class[edit]

This is when you go up to god and say this line over and over again I WANT TO BE A GOD. When God becomes completely annoyed you get granted god powers. Your god powers can be from See through clothes to Overrule God Himself, although most people get Gloating as their powers. Can become Thor, god with big hammer or THE GOD.

Cop Class[edit]

Cop. What more is there to say? Armed with a gun. Can become Donut Taste Tester or Sheriff.

Nerd Class[edit]

(Male Only) Lol this suckz :D

Noble Worker Class[edit]

Become a dignified, intelligent person, loved by everyone. Can become Respected Citizen or Guy that Everyone Loves.

  • Note: No one has gotten this to work. It appears to crash whenever it is selected.

Benefits of playing this game[edit]

There are many benefits of playing this game . Example :

  • if u get addicted enough you can become a n00b class again
  • u can get a Ice Pick to climb Pallys and LordKS
  • you can waste plenty of time
  • ur computer will be spoiled in a matter of time
  • u will learn how to use hacks.
  • u will start watching porn.
  • u will probably collapse and die.
  • j00 wil lurn hw 2 spk m00n l4ngu4g3 l0lx
  • Males will soon think they are naruto after playing this game
  • Females will soon think they are Sailor Moon after playing this game

Inactive Ragnarok Online (iRO)[edit]

Inactive Ragnarok Online (iRO) was launched in the United States in 2003 as a distributed MMORPG simulation. Instead of connecting as players, contributors configure and run thousands of bots, simulated players which can connect to the simulated game server all hours of the day.

Artificial intelligence researchers have praised the iRO project. By staying logged in for days at a time, hoarding unnecessarily large quantities of loot, mindlessly grinding to maximum level on low level maps, and remaining oblivious to all forms of in-game socialization, iRO bots are nearly indistinguishable from their human MMORPG playing counterparts.

When asked about the possibility of human players connecting to iRO and thinking its population of bots were real, GM Cleverbot responded, "Then their thinking would be correct."

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