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Rap cats first album, 8 lives left.

Rap cat is the worlds first rapping cat. Breaking into the top 100 on iTunes just 30 seconds after his first record, 'still 8 lives left', was released. An international sucess, rap cat rode the wave of glory. He used some of the money he made from the single to go back to the recording studio to make an album. (the rest of his money went to willing a un-named pop star to shave her head) 3 months later, 'the pussy's possy' was released.

The rise[edit]

The pussy's possy was a great album. It cntained classics such as 'meow meow' and new songs such as ME#OW. "Poll wants a cracker and rap cat wants polly' was rap-cats experimental song. A mix of classical music with electronic beats, with rap-cat rapping over the top, 'critiques' said "the only thing that could make this album better is, perhaps a harpsichord or viking blood." At the top of rap cats music making he was touring with such 'great' hip hop artists such as 50 cent and usher as well as 2 live crw.

The Downfall[edit]

After Rap Cats number 1 record, things went the only way they could. Down. Rap cat decided to take a break from touring and making albums and decided to branch out into other areas of music.

Rap cat teamed up with Mel Gibson to make the worlds first christian rap musical. They called it 'The pussion of christ'.

The pussion of christ was a gigantic flop, no one went to see it. One 'Critique' called the musical 'it was the exact opposite of west side story, utterly shite" This lead Rap cat away from musicals and he decided to port his music to become used in marching bands. The marching band version of 'meow meow' was not used anywhere except for the sydney based education marching band. This lead rap cat to a life of booze. 2 Months later, Rap Cat submitted himself to Rehab

The up again?[edit]

Rap-cat 3 months after leaving rehab.

Rap Cat left rehab on new years day 2007. He is now working on a new album. He has sold himself to commercials and he can now be found at Rap cats Home page.

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