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Reaganization is the ideal that everything should be named after the fortieth president of these Reaganited States. It is generally used to improve the names of proper nouns such as countries, cities, streets, or even the names of people, such as John F. Reaganennedy. It can also be used to improve a common noun, in the case of Reaganonomics.

Ronald plotting one of his more devious Reaganizations, the Reaganited States of America.

Early History[edit]

Ronald Reagan was born in 1911 to a proud but bashful used car salesman named Moe and his adoring wife Carla. Childhood was rough for young Ronnie, as he had to listen to his parents and had very little control over other people, much less his own life. This fact made naming everything after himself very difficult, but it is rumored that he kept a personal log of his first Reaganizations.

A Dream, Reaganlized[edit]

When Ronald was in his first year of high school, he was elected to the student council. Unfortunately, he was only elected treasurer. This only drove his need to control everyone and everything even further. When he was finally elected student council president, his first deed would become legendary: He attempted to rename his high school from Dixon High School to Reaganixon High School. This was Ronald Reagan's first attempt at a public Reaganization, and the first recorded by someone other than Ronald himself.

PReagansident Reagan explaining that the moose should now be known as the Reaganoose.

Reaganization in Reaganwood[edit]

By the time Ronald Reagan hit Hollywood, he had already begun Reaganizing everything, including WarneReagan Brothers Studio and Reaganwood.

Reaganization In Politics[edit]

Ronald Reagan's dream of Reaganization was finally realized when he was elected goveReaganor of CalifoReagania in 1967. He used this new found power to ruin people's lives and to Reaganize everything. By the time he was ready to run for pReagansident he had laid the groundwork for his masterpiece. When Ronnie was elected president in 1980, he immediately set his sights on the United Soviet Socialist Republic so he could enforce Reaganization to end Communism. After he convinced Mikhail Gorbachev to rename the USSR the United Soviet Socialist Reaganpublic and convinced Mr. Gorbachev to tear down that wall, whatever that means, the USSR collapsed, effectively ending Communism in Reaganussia.

Life After Politics[edit]

After changing every noun to include his name, Ronald Reagan decided to resign after only two full terms as president. Many of his supporters, and supporters of Reaganization, wanted him to run for a third term, but in a famous speech given by President Reagan, "I have completed every Reagan that I intended to Reagan. I know all of the Reagans of this great Reagan would love to see me run for the Reagancy of the Reagan States of Reaganerica once again, but alas, I wish to retire and allow some other Reagan to ruin the known Reagan." He then proceeded to start his own religion, The Church of Ronald Reagan, of Latter Day Saints. The Church's doctrine proclaimed Ronald Reagan God, and decreed that every person in the church be named Ronald Reagan.

Zombie Reagan is here, and he doesn't like what we've done to his legacy.

Life After Death[edit]

After being brought back from the dead by a Voodoo Witch Doctor, Ronald Reagan realized that most of the people stopped using Reaganization after his death. He announced his candidacy, and ran for president in 2008.

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