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The Red china flag. The 3 small stars stand for the greatest things Red China has to offer. These are Communism, greed, and chopsticks. The big star stands for how badly the others countries suck. The penguin represents the hit film March of the Penguins which helped sell billions of nuclear arms to North Korea. Above the penguin is the word 'CHINA' which stands for Chang Hsüeh-liang Is Not Approved. To the bottom left of the flag is the letter E.C.T. Nobody knows what the hell that means.

Soviet Onion totally owns this grill—Too bad I gay so Red China kill meh. ”

~ Oscar Wilde on Trying to Pwn (yes, with a "P") Red China, but proving himself to be a failure by coming out of the closet.

“Man with hole in pocket feel cocky all day ”

~ Confucius on Red Chinese fashion

“Is there a blue one?”

~ Tamia

Red China (Simplified Chinese:青茶胃名 Complicated Chinese: 史努比 Hanyan Pinyin: guōtiē; literally "the place where the China is red")

Is a small country just to the north of China formed on May 1, 1776 AD when it split off from The People's Republic of China, this day, to the Red Chinese people as the day of their emancipation from the traditionalists, is known as May Day to the Reds. Although both are Communist, Red China considers itself to be "more hardcore than those pinkos." Just to spice the stuff up, Red China has created schools that contain both Neo-nazis and Jews. These schools are called Lols. This idea was originally just a joke made by Captain America in 1991 AD, but became truth in 1994, after the mourning of Curt Kobain. It just happened that Curt Kobain was such a whiney bitch, that Red China needed some fun. Lolz were so dangerous that shows about these schools were made, and Red China men and girls all over the globe laughed while swallowing their chopsticks. This was the cause of extinction of the Red China in the year 1999. However, in the year 2001, when there were celebrating the destruction of the capitalist temples in New York City, Red China was reborn by resurrected Mayans with ancient drugs and technology sold to African American's in Florida for 2000 presidential votes who in turn sold it to the Quakers who in turn gave it away to the Rastafarian who traded it for an Ethiopian shoe from Bob Marley's antique collection.

All About Red China[edit]

Red China is a quiet country that is primarily self-sufficient and has little communication with the outside world. Due to this situation, the chances of you seeing a white chick with a China man is very unlikely. Red china is run by the Communists, and fears the border bitches who call themselves blues or Posers. Red China borders Blue China but refuses to have diplomatic relations with them since they are nothing more than a rogue province. When the Red China government is asked about their relationship with Blue China they always bring up sex, drugs, and violence. It seems they'd rather be nailing, smoking, or killing some Chinese slave girl than be talking. Apparently, They managed to theorize in 1847 that knowledge is when you know, wisdom is when you whiz. Harry Stubbs


Red China separated from china during the Wang Dynasty in which... I don't think I have to elaborate.



  • Type: Red Communism
  • Government offices: Executive officer (weekly terms, turns taken by citizenship)


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