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Red Pen[edit]

Red pens origonally mined in china through the middle ages as a source of nutrition other than blue or black pens. In the 18th century there was a great crisis as on a inspection from the emperor one of the mines had collapsed trapping the emperor. For 2 months there were no pens for consuption ,during this time many people died from lack of red ink for the blood. The crisis was eventually resolved when 2000 small childern in a mad bid to survive ,chewed their way through the rock to retrive the emperor and the precious red pens.The emperor did survive and had consumed over 1 pen which had sustained him for the two months.

During this crisis people choose not to starve themseves to death but ate black pens which led to the black death.

More recently contrary to popular beleif scientists have found that eating red pens can make you blind.

This research is supported by the British skin foundation.

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