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Invented in 1924 at the height of the electromagno-interference craze by Al Capone, refrigerator magnets are used in harmonic-magno-resonance training and neoseminal-concentration mapping, they are also pretty good at holding light paper items to the fronts of metallic refrigerators.Friges are really full of rotten crap and magnets are better than crap.

The devices were first developed as a counter to back pain and lower abdominal cramps but a heightened awareness of the devices grew from their popularity at the local Kmart. With Blue Light Specials, the devices became the hot commodity they are today, freeing many refrigerators from the old days of glue and tape.


Albert Einstein: "I'm a twat,i like penis, i like ross j"

Karl Marx: "Blue Light special on magnets!"

Martha Stewart: "Better than glue!"

Ayn Rand: "I like the ones that have naughty pictures."

Bob Marley: "Man...this one"

Napoloeon Dynamite: "Dang.. this is some sweet shit, i could use it for my batteling techniques against ligers and shit...It is better than pedros mustache, which by the way is sweeet"

Magnets Today[edit]

Now magnets come in all shapes and sizes and have made to fit inside penises to hold metalic objects to the outside of your penis which makes it look stupid. Invented by Hans Moleman in March the first 2008. The penis magnet was invented to commemorate the birthday of his wife Jack. Apperently after Hans used the magnet they divorced and Hans was hit by a truck and then he died.

And they lived happily ever after.