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File:Remy WHAAAA.jpgRemy "The Frenchman" Guile, is the son of "The Franco American" himself, Guile. From a young age, he lived on the streets of France as an orphan as Guile "Don't have no pasty face girly boys in HIS family." He grew up hating fighters because his father was one and spent all his time fighting with them instead of changing his diaper or otherwise caring about his son. Who could blame him?

The Life of Remy[edit]

When he was 6, he worked in a whore house as the Jacket Boy for shelter, but it was there that he fell under the impression that he was a girl himself...or herself. When all the other whores' daughters were having their periods at whatever ages that it was they typically did that, Remy didn't have one. At first he thought that he was a late bloomer but as time went on, one of the dirty whores who Remy considered his sister, told him the shocking truth. Remy had a Penis. Remy was...shocked to say the least. How could he have missed that while bathing all those years? It couldn't have been that easy to notice though, as he did live in France. He was enraged at the realization, and took the girl, froze her with Mr. Freeze's freeze gun and tossed her in a lake of some sort. (This is the lake that he swims in in his 3rd Strike Ending.)

Street Fighter II[edit]

When word got onto the street that there was going to be a Street Fighter II tournament, Remy was excited. Though he hated fighters, he thought it would be an appropreate venue for his father to appear at and he wanted to give him all the teenage angst that had built up in his little brain. He took a trip to America and hoped to see his father, it was there that he adopted his current clothing style.

Remy had met a couple of fashion design fighters who had worked with the first gay...or out of the closet homosexual in the Street Fighter business, Zangief. They were told of the child's predicament and with a little work, they soon designed him with a fighting outfit and a nickname, "Little Spitshine."

While Little Spitshine was unsure of this nickname, it soon became a popular name down on Castro street in San Francisco as he did a few things that he wasn't proud of to earn money.

When he got out of the shoe-shine business, he continued searching for his father. Though the Street Fighter II tournament ended soon afterwards, another was primed to take it's place.

Street Fighter II : Championship Edition[edit]

Remy didn't find his father in this tournament either.

Street Fighter II Turbo[edit]

Or this one.

Super Street Fighter II[edit]

Or this one..

Super Street Fighter II Turbo[edit]

We get the point.

Street Fighter EX?[edit]

When the Street Fighter universe went through a 3D transformation, a few creators forgot to put Remy into the game and they represented him as best they could as Skull-o-Mania, though it technically wasn't Remy, and was a much more popular and useful character. Remy still considers this to be his representation in the 3D fighting realm.

Street Fighter III[edit]

After long enough of being a pansy on his own, Remy decided to try and be a fighter. Luckily for him, Parrying was added to this tournament so he didn't have to take a beating like the frenchman that he is. He never quite got a hang of it though, and he was beaten up by Yun, the first large wanged Chinese fighter to battle on the Street Fighter stage. He didn't find his father in this tournament either, it was rumored that Guile had crossed over to the "Capcom vs SNK" tournament that was to be held in an alternate dimension a few years later.

Street Fighter III 2nd Impact[edit]

When DC comics went through the Zero Hour event, it also changed the continuity of the Street Fighter universe and soon Remy found himself fighting in the Street Fighter III tournament again. He wasn't sure how it happened, and he once again felt the wrath of the fists of Yun again, but first he was beaten and pummeled by Urien (An Anagram name that Gill gave his brother so that he didn't get beaten up in Illuminati school when they were younger, because his real name was embarassing.) as well as Hugo, who wanted to put a pink shirt on Remy and make him his new loverboy. Needless to say, this tournament made Remy cry.

Street Fighter III 3rd Strike[edit]

Somehow continuity changed yet again and Remy was back in the tournament. (Coincidently due to a time-space continuity problem, he was written out of New Generation and 2nd Impact, though he still remembered it.) He still hadn't healed from his bruises and he was seemingly the only fighter who remembered the events of "The New Generation" or 2nd Impact. Unfortunately for the frenchman, this tournament was graced by the powerful fists of Ken Masters, who thanks to the events created as a result of House of M (Masters), became super powerful and the most High Tier character in the universe.

Rumor had it at this point, Remy stopped looking for his father. Unfortunately, Guile had been killed by God during the Capcom vs SNK 2 tournament and wasn't coming back to his son, who he actually managed to remember before being torn apart by the firefists of the lord and master of all things in the universe. His last words were "There is....another....Guile...." No one knew or cared what he meant though.

Another rumor has it that Chuck Norris was there in disguise in the background of the England level, dressed like a gentleman trying to talk Billy Kane into a fair price for whoring his sister Lilly Kane out around town.

At the end of 3rd Strike, Remy is so depressed that he jumped into the water and kills the whore girl that he claims is his sister, and then he comes out of the closet and calls Eagle and Zangief up for a threesome. Of course, this was editted out by Capcom, who didn't want to include something that went against the Christianami code. (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Bend, Persecute, Pray. Not to be confused for the Konami code, which is very similar)

It's unknown what Remy did next, but it's very likely that he opened a Croissant shoppe, like most French people would do in his circumstances.

Appearance and the History behind the look[edit]

When Remy was born, his father looked at him for a moment and said, "Good Ruck, Ret's Go, Summasart, Sonic Boom, Too Easy. You rook rike a whore." And then Guile left, never to see his son again. However, it's unknown if Guile was talking to Remy's mother about the whore thing or Remy himself. When questioned by the local french newspaper, Guile ran out, snapped a picture, and returned with it to describe why he was leaving and what he feared his son would look like.

The actual snapshot picture taken moments after Remy's birth. This is what Guile truly feared

When Remy grew up, he dyed his blond hair to a greenish color so his father wouldn't catch him sneaking up on him when he came to visit and ask "Why didn't you love me?!?!" While in the beginning he wore a tanktop and camo-pants similar to his father with a green mohawk to boot, while in San Francisco, he met a couple of gay cowboy designers and they "Designed him up". Tight unzippable shirt, tight red pants so he could bulge from them at a mixer, and some kind of italian shoes. Remy really liked the shoes, he complemented them numerous times when they gave them to him. They had also designed Remy a purse that he really liked, but he had to give up on that as if he looked any more girly, his father would never love him. (Not that he was going to anyways.)

Fighting Techniques[edit]

Remy's fighting style appears similar to Guile's in respect to the commands entered to perform moves, but in appearance they are more similar to Remy's first boyfriend, Ash Crimson. When Ash learned that his "Shnookums" was going to enter the Street Fighter tournament, he begged him to let him go as protection, but laws of physics stated that King of Fighters characters and Street Fighter characters can never be in the same game unless from a time parodoxal cross-over event, and Remy had to go alone.

Unfortunately, no one knew of the existance of Ash Crimson, as he had not yet appeared in any media of any kind and people decided to just assume that Remy was ripping off his dad's techniques. However, Remy's version of these military tactics are both more flimsy and definately weaker than Guile's. (Below are the aesthetic differences between big and strong Guile and weak and lanky Remy's attacks of choice.)


Now let's see how a MAN does it.

Guile flashkick.gif

Much better. As you can see, Remy's attack is slower and more fluid and Guile's is quick, fierce, and able to rip through an Iraqi helicopter in a single bound. Sure, some might take the time to consider that because Street Fighter III came later, than Remy would look better than Guile, had Guile been added to the same tournament, but no. It is pure fact that Remy's looks better because he's concerned mainly about his looks and how he's going to hook himself another man after the tournament is over. Consideration could also be taken into account that Remy used to do Ballet dancing and figure skating under the name Tanya Harding, but hardly anyone in the Street Fighter universe or Fan-Universe knows about that.

Remy's Light of Virtue attack is a pansified version of Guile's own Sonic Boom attack, except he only uses one arm. It's said that his is because he wants to be stylish, but no. The truth to the matter is that Remy can't use the full force of the Sonic Boom at once, so his half-powered one-armed "Light of Virtue" attacks will have to do. He shakes slightly as he throws the attack off, many people wonder why, and the reason that he does it is because when Remy was a child, Guile would attempt to train the man in Remy to come out. It never did, but during Sonic Boom training, "The Franco American" would beat his son if a Sonic Boom wasn't perfect, and it never was, which added another reason for Guile's leaving and forgetting about Remy. He cries himself to sleep everynight because of this.

Relationships to other characters[edit]

Remy, while only "Technically" being in one game, has met many different characters in the Street Fighter Universe. His relationship with each of them is different, some he likes, some he doesn't. The same is said of him though, as many fighters who knew his father compare him to him and assume that he's a pussy, which is also true.

Charlie (Nash)[edit]

Charlie met Remy during Zero Hour where Remy went back in time to the time period of Street Fighter Alpha. This is where Remy learned his Light of Virtue, as well as his Light of Justice Super art. Unfortunately, Charlie didn't consider Remy's version up to snuff and refused to teach him anything else. At the end of this training, Zero Hour ended and Remy was transported back to his time period.


Guile as already mentioned, is Remy's father. During one of his later missions to try and find Charlie as he still didn't believe that he was dead. (Which in the alternate Street Fighter: Mall of Bison arc, it was revealed that Charlie was actually Blanka, but that's since been ret-conned from existance with the death of Raul Julia otherwise known as M. Bison.) Guile flew to France and while he had another family back in America, he was horny and got drunk one night only to leave Remy's mother pregnant with him. A few days later, Guile left France, hoping never to return. Unfortunately, the whore that he knocked up sent him a letter telling him that she was about to have his child, and Guile was once again back in France so he could keep this thing from his wife.

When Remy was born, Guile was disgusted. On one hand, he was a boy and Guile was very happy. On the other hand, he was a complete pussy and that just didn't fly with him. She died in birth and Guile laughed to himself as he got in his jet and got the hell away.

Ken Masters[edit]

Remy met the Pan American champion on two different outings. When he traveled to America for the Street Fighter II tournament, he caught a battle between Ken and Zangief. While Remy was rooting for the Soviet, Ken beat him faster than two tugs on a dead dog's cock. He took a moment to sign autographs and then had a beer and was out of there. Remy on the other hand, went back to his fashion design and looking for daddy.

During the Street Fighter III 3rd Strike tournament, (Which Ken won) Remy was his third fight. While Ken was impressed with a few of Remy's attacks, he was beaten within an inch of his life, which didn't take much as Remy was a fashion dealer, not a fighter. After the fight, Ken took Remy aside and asked him a few questions regarding his teachings as Ken had seen two fighters using similar techniques. He mentioned Guile's name to which Remy looked happy about, but then broke his heart when he said "Even Dan's attacks are better than yours are." Remy left afterwards in a depression, no longer feeling proud of his techniques.


Remy is a charge character in the Street Fighter III series, specifically noted as a character in Street Fighter III 3rd Strike. His play style is typically defensive as Remy doesn't have the arm strength to match blows with many of the other fighters in the game. (This is sad matter as even the girls in that tournament were stronger than Remy.) He spends most of his time using Light of Virtue attacks to keep opponents at a distance, much like Guile used Sonic Booms. (Which were much more effective)

Special Moves[edit]

Light of Virtue (High) : Charge Back -> Foward + Any Punch Button. This is the technique that was taught to him by Charlie in the past, it's not as helpful as Charlie's own though. When Charlie died while fighting M. Bison in the Mall of Bison, part of his soul jumped into Remy's body and when two punch buttons are pressed instead of one, Charlie throws the attack from inside of Remy's body, making it much better.

Light of Virtue (Low) : Charge Back -> Forward + Any Kick Button. When Remy had a little free time, he did a little work on the original Light of Virtue that Charlie taught him. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that he could crouch and throw them as well, and because of that, Remy soon learned it. Being as this is a Remy ORIGINAL move, it's slower and less effective than the High version. Once again, Charlie uses this attack instead of Remy when you hit two kicks instead of one.

Rising Rage Flash : Charge Down -> Up + Any Kick Button. He had already learned his father's superior Flash Kick and turned it into this. A way for his teenage angst to break into the real world and cause some real damage. However, like most teenagers with angst, he doesn't accomplish much with it and this is a sub-par attack in Remy's hands, or feet. Like with almost all of Remy's moves, Charlie takes control with two kicks and does a much better version of the same move, almost as effective as the original version. (But not, because of Remy's frail French body.)

Cold Blue Kick : Down -> Down-Back -> Back + Any Kick Button. With this attack, Remy busts out his ballet skills and attempts a graceful dive, foot first. However, his choreography could use alot of work and this attack ends up coming out slow and easy to Parry in the hands of Remy. When you hit two kick buttons instead of one, Remy tries alot harder and actually makes the attack worth something. It's still not as useful as it would have been with Charlie doing it, but Charlie decided that he would rather rot in hell than do this attack.

Super Arts[edit]

Light of Justice : Down -> Down-Forward -> Forward -> Down -> Down-Forward -> Forward + Any Punch Button. This is the other attack that Charlie taught Remy during Street Fighter Alpha, it's essentially Remy throwing multiple Light of Virtues. Despite the fact that it's Remy doing it, this is actually an effective move. Unfortunately, this can be parried or completely avoided making it seem alot less useful, which is what everyone is used to from Remy.

Supreme Rising Rage Flash : Down -> Down-Forward -> Forward -> Down -> Down-Forward -> Forward + Any Kick Button. This is an attack that he learned from his father during the short period that he spent with him. It's the only Super Art that he does that actually is completely effective and it's recommended for people that like Remy. It takes longer to charge up though, and because Remy has no good low normal attacks isn't canceled into easily enough to make it as Supreme as it claims to be.

Blue Nocturne : Down -> Down-Forward -> Forward -> Down -> Down-Forward -> Forward + Any Kick Button. This is an ineffective sad technique, yet it does have a history behind it. When Remy lived in foster care, his foster father beat him after drunken brawls at the bar which he lost. When he got home from his lost battle, he would beat Remy, who put his leg up as his arms weren't thick enough to protect him. This didn't work either and like almost every fighter in the game, his foster father broke through his counter and beat him to a bloody pulp.