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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for sex?

“Sex, I do it for the kids.”

~ Yo Mama on Reproduction

Reproduction is the process of finding the product of two or more numbers more than once.

"Reproduction" comes from the Latin "Re-productus", meaning "producing again".

Finding the product of numbers is basically when you times them, but the mathematicians of the world wanted to feel important, so they made up this word. It's pretty pathetic, really, especially as they already had the words "multiply" and "times".


Well anyway, reproduction is useful in a number of circumstances; it is commonly used when finding the product of really big or obscure numbers, such as 49.5969 * 8399499593993, when not using a calculator. This is because mistakes are easily made when finding the product of such useless numbers, (the result does not have to be the same at each stage of reproduction).

Reproduction is also the technical term for spawning... or spamming. Though it sounds like a stupid pointless annoying message, the second feature of this r-word is not valid. For homo sapiens reproducens, it encompasses the metamorphosis.

If we could genetically make the aforementioned species to spawn in this way, females would be able to do office work, or any sedendary, fixed-position, sitting, fattening activity. The hatchling could be made to listen to any music, as it could feel the vibration throughout the eggshell. After incubation, there comes hatching... it would be quite interesting to say instead of "I was born in year xxx xxx" "I hatched in year yyy yyy".

The human larva comes into the fray. It is like a sponge, eating and swallowing anything from food to information. It fattens, grows, then follows the next stage...

The pupa is the easiest transportable form of a human, as it could be mistaken as a bag, therefore held in the cargo hold instead of a living quarter.

After the pupa breaks, the eighteen-year-old human being comes out to continue the reproductive cycle.

The aftermath of such a change bring about some interesting warning messages in broadcasting: "This programme is not recommended for larvae" "For pupa and above"


An example of a reproduction equation is as follows:

Stage 1:
494 * 1197 = 148124

Stage 2:
494 * 1197 = 148124
494 * 1197 = 2234

Stage 3:
494 * 1197 = 148124
494 * 1197 = 2234
494 * 1197 = 112936

This process may go on for as many stages as one has time to write, and the final answer is not always the correct answer.

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