Republic of Oklahoma Land

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The Republic of Oklahoma land started in 1949 with the founding of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority, an absolute monarchy designed to enslave all of mankind forever. The OTA was good at building interstate-style roads that required blood sacrifices and lots of money to use. The real purpose of the OTA was to be a tool for the anti-christ.

First Step Towards World Domination[edit]

occured when the OTA successfully annexed Texas, the large testicle below Oklahoma. The OTA then built Galvaston, a Disny-world type place but with lots of churches instead of rides. This quickly elevated Texas to Oklahoma's high (low) standards of living. With this, only one step was left.

Republic of Oklahoma Land[edit]

was born in 2040 whe the antichrist was born to Jerry Falwell and Oral Roberts. His first move was control of the OTA, which was the last step. Kansas was annexed and thus the Neo Republic of the Oklahoma Turnpike Uberworld Land came to power. In 8093, the NROTUL would seize control of the US congess with the Rotunda Toll Plaza dedication in March of that year.

The Future[edit]