Retarded Animal Babies

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The RAB logo
“ 4 is four… that… that’s what is ”
~ Cat
“ I like Chocolate cookies, they’re my crystal meth. Wash them down with bullets… for a bloody death! ”
~ Bunny
“ Dipthong peep-peep pooey on my (?) dolphin wigs (?) Porky plop-plop suey now I’m eat’n twigs…s’good”
~ Donkey
“ i† ®1p5 oƒƒ HTF… BLAM dis POS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:o( (overall: 0)”
~ Pico on RAB
“ This is my PEE-PEE Place! Awww Yeah. ”
~ Puppy on his pee-pee place
“I brought three potaters, a bucketful o’ pelicans, and satan. ”
~ Donkey
“ Fuck You!! Fuck you all, you motherfuckers!! fuck you, you fucking fuckers!! ”
~ Puppy
“ Hooray! ”
~ Hamster
“ I brought a snow globe. ”
~ Satan
“ I have brought doom to you all! ”
~ Matt Groening
“ Cowabunga, Dead dudes!”
~ Matt Groening on RAB
“ Hey everyone, let’s be superheroes today! ”
~ Bunny
“ Hell yeah dude! We can be cool and have powers… ”
~ Cat on Bunny’s idea
“ and get our dicks wet ”
~ Puppy on Bunny’s idea
“ Behold! For I am Purple Penis! I penetrate the mightiest of fortresses! ”
~ Purple Penis
“ I am Infinity Lad, I have the power to do anything and can never be killed! ”
~ Infinity Lad
“ I’m Bruce Willis Man, yippee-ki-yay mothafucka! ”
~ Bruce Willis Man
“ Now you will all suffer the wrath… of the Fucking Fucker! ”
~ Fucking Fucker
“ We am the Averagest! ”
~ Hamster
“ Boobfest? What say? ”
~ Puppy on Boozefest
“ No, Boozefest! ”
~ Cat on Puppy
“ Breast? Boobbreast? ”
~ Puppy on Boozefest
“ The Earth knaves think that deflecting one asteroid will save them. They think they are safe. Fools, fools! not worthy to suck the chum from the rectal cavity of the lowest slave-girl in boobulon. I will fuck them all. I will fuck earth! Fire the Ass cannons! ”
~ Puppy fifty years from now

Retarded Animal Babies (RAB) is the international activist movement league for the retarded fighting for equal rights, anti-racism and international acceptance of gay marriage. The group is owned by David Lovelace, known more commonly as simply Dave. The group is also involved in improvement of early educational systems such as improved lessons on the English alphabet and counting. Newgrounds has released several promotional videos supporting the RAB movement including several instructional videos on the “improved” alphabet, counting (found in channel 123 in Episode 4), rhyming patterns, show and tell,not shooting your eye out with a BB gun and surfing the internet. Other promotional videos involve criticism of such topics as Superheroes, Dungeons and Dragons, Thanksgiving, Red Ryder, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Nightclubbing,Battle for Ozzfest, Leprechauns, and Star Wars.