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Return is a popular prime time series. Ever since its opening show(1988), Return has kept audiences at rapt attention as the stars do stupid things for love, acceptance, and jello. The stars are average high school students, living in the late seventies and early eighties, hence the name Return. Throughout the series the main characters find love, learn about life lessons and grow into better people. The show was canceled in 1999 because the writers ran out of life lessons.

The Stars[edit]

Notes: Music used throughout the show provided by Lenny and the Poodles

first episode[edit]

first air date:Feb 2 1988 Joe doodles on his aptitude test and winds up with an IQ score of 27.

meanwhile Frita and David decide to see other people.

Guest stars: Richard Nixon as the wise janitor

Memorable Quotes:

Joe: so you mean I'll have to drop out of school, change my name, get a tattoo on my butt and move to England just to avoid emberassment?

Teacher: no, I mean you'll have to do all that AND marry my neice.


You Took Out my Heart and Painted it Lime Green by Lenny and the Poodles

last episode[edit]

first air date:May 19 1999 David and Frita get married.

June leaves for training in the military.

Joe learns that there is no place like Rome.

Guest stars:Mike Savage as the busboy

Last line in the series: Joe:wow, will you look at the size of that squirrel!


If I had a Dime for Every Time a Bear Ate my Girlfreind by Lenny and the Poodles