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Reykjavik (commonly known as "Bjánaborg") is the capital of Iceland. Its freezing cold and it's special but what the hell would I know? I've never been there. Considering the country its in, with it being so cold, and its geographical location, its surprising theres even a capital at all, or people for that matter.

Location of Reykjavik in Iceland



Founder of Reykjavik, Halle Berry


The population of Reykjavik started off with just about a dozen or so, as time went by the icelanders began breeding like rabbits creating tons more little eskimos. Presently, in 2008, the population is said to now stand at 388. Lazy Town (also known as Akureyri) is Iceland's largest city, the population is 442 and not counting.


The weather in Reykjavik is quite often cold, due to how far north it is located. About 264 days a year people have to deal with snow, blizzards, not to mention the odd volcano eruption. The volcano eruptions tend to spew out purple dinosaurs, although this is very rare. Due to this, tourists who are looking for a bikini holiday, you certainly won't find it here.

Geography & Wildlife[edit]

Reykjavik is located in south-west Iceland not too far away from the sea. Most of the things you will see is pretty much just snow, ice, mountains and some grass. Apart from people, other local residents include whales, puffins, shit loads of fish and if you're lucky, a great auk (Icelandic: Geirfugl). There is only two penguins in Iceland and both in the capital, a giant overweight penguin is the co-emperor of Björk and his wife.


Considering Reykjavik is such a small place people here live life to full, their is a shopping plaza, nightclubs, taverns, a gay scene, a red light district and even a national arena!

Shopping in Reykjavik is an interesting experience; the trolleys are split into two compartments, so you can carry enough piles of 5000ISK notes to pay for your shopping. Notice that the shopping compartment is much smaller than the one where you put your money. Due to the draconian taxes clamped on alcohol and junk-food to discourage consumption, alcoholism and/or obesity are viewed as a sign of great affluence in Reykjavik, and patrons of all bars and Burger Kings are reminded not to leave their krona-stuffed wheelbarrows unattended.

Daily Life[edit]

The children of Reykjavik go to school, well you could call it a school but it is actually an igloo. The work industry mainly consists of fishing, building igloos, and sewing warm clothes. Traffic is calm here.. due to no cars, just husky dogs. Locals here are very friendly, crime rate is almost non existent.

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