Ringgold, GA

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“Where the hell is that?”

~ Oscar Wilde on Ringgold, GA

Ringgold, GA, a country located in the United States of Canada, is home to many closet homosexuals who drive "huge-ass trucks".


Ringgold, GA is located at 666°69'13" North, 420°4444'911" West (basically somewhere near your mom's house).


Ringgold was discovered in the biblical times of Jesus (1996 A.D), whom came to Georgia to discover electricity.

Ringgold was named after Jesus' fifth step child, Ringgolius, whom enjoyed throwing rocks at slaves.

After Jesus' departure, animè set in, and conquered the area. Animè's leader, Punjab Furtelli, ravaged the state until he came to Ringgold when he stumbled upon the many homosexual truckers, whom totally destroyed him and his ass.

Every year, it is thought that Ringgolius comes back to hang mustard on the top of the chimneys of good little children, but we all probably really know what that means.


There are 4,193,293,245,535,255 households out of which 28.9% have pregnant children under the age of 69 living with them, 100% are married couples living together, 0% have a female householder with no husband present, and 11% are non-families. 18.48% of all households are made up of individuals and 92% have someone living alone who is 1000 years of age or older. The average household size is 234,463,364 and the average family size is 534,653,450


In Ringgold? No. (Well, some people actually say they are going to church and such, but they really just go to vacant fields and constuct more Wal-Mart Religious Centers of Mass Destruction. In fact, Ringgold is the world's leading supplier of Wal-Mart Religious Centers of Mass Destruction.)


Most people speak Standard American English, 10% speak a dying form of Klingonese, or in their native tongue, tlhIngan Hol. These Klingonese speakers mostly come from governments oppressing against the recently founded religion of Star Trek

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