Road Rovers

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Hunter flies to the rescue

Road Rovers is, contrary to popular belief, not about a bunch of furries in colorful armor. It is in fact about 5 Land Rover SUVs who fight against the evil Dr. Parvo and his many mutant sports cars. They are lead by the mysterious "Henry Ford", who is always covered in a shadow, with glowing yellow headlights.


  • Ford "Hunter": A yellow Land Rover who acts as the leader. His super power is to reach over 100 MPH in under 5 seconds. His catchphrases include "Vroom," "Beep," and "Honk".
  • Chryster "Colleen": A brown Land Rover who speaks with a fake British accent, rendering her speech non-understandable unless viewed with subtitles. Her super power is Karate, which really isn't much of a super power at all.
  • Volkswagen "Blitz": Sterotypical German Land Rover. He suffers from severe sexual narcissism, often to the point of "Doing the deed" to his reflection in the mirror. His diet consists of human butts. He was once raped by toyota
  • Nissan "Exile": A Russian Land Rover who can shoot heat and ice rays from his headlights. Possibly the least interesting character apart from toyota. Speaks in broken English.
  • Toyota "Shag": The only one of the team who was unable to complete his construction, Toyota cannot honk or make engine noises like the other Rovers. He can hold many gadgets in his numerous trunks and storage compartments, he is also gay. he is the least interesting character.