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Big Bad Bob Rob Stewart Battrick Driving With Pads On

Bobby Bobby Bobster

Big Bad Bob AKA Rob 'Twitty' Stewart[edit]

Rob Stewart has achieved notoriety through both his RL and Online exploits. A local cricketer playing for West Bridgfordians he first found acclaim for creating the famed Bobster formula below...

(LBW Shout + Umpires Finger Raised) x Bob's Mood Swing Factor = (Pads + Car)+ Tup On

Crowds are now said to gather round the ground between 2 and 7pm on a Saturday afternoon to catch brief glimpse of an irrate crazed maniac doing 100mph through the area hunched behind his sturdy Gray Nichols screaming about 'being outside the line' or 'wouldn't have hit another set'.

Rob has also achieved widespread fame as head Battrick Nerd (King Bummer)and fountain of knowledge for all things GUO and PFL related. He has reached such heady heights within a short space of time that he can afford to fire his keeper (respectable filth if you will) on a whim and then pretend to be grief stricken about it.

Presently Bob can be found huddled over his pc muttering darkly about Grade III and last 64 of the cup.

Exciting times for sure for BBB.

Loves Geraint Jones.

Acolades & Awards[edit]

Current holder of the title of Owner of the Jamiest Youth Academy of the Universe.

Driving style[edit]

Formerly known for his driving of the 'steady away mobile' and extremely poor efforts at 3 points turns. Escapades include driving into neighbours hedges whilst trying to turn around in a space the size of a football pitch. Since becoming a company car driver he has morphed into an angry man, even getting out of his car to lambast old duffer women who refuse to make the effort to pull out onto a rather busy Radcliffe Road.

Head Size Controversy[edit]

The size of Bob's head has often caused much debate and wrangling within both the scientific community and TFO alike. It has often been said that his head is the size of a giant swede, although others have argued in favour of a pumpkin. What is certain is that the quiff remains although the mullett was dispensed in the late 1990s.