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Robert Altman (February 20, 1925-[November 20, 2006]) is a film director and composer.

Born in the anus of a toilet and raised inside a milk carton. Altman had composed over 458 crappy junk music in many films including the animated rapist parody movie The Penis Pirate on the Vagina Ship and the 1988 classical porn Mozart Loves Titty Nipple Fries. Atlman had won numerous Penis Head Academy Awards and the Testical Peace Prize for directing and writing the 1992 horror movie When Gay Strippers Attack.

Atlman made his first movie appearance at age 12 in the 1937 Disney gay porno comedy film Snow White and the Seven Ball Suckers as playing the Doo Doo, the stupid excrement-eating dwarf who had anal sex with Ayatollah Khomeini during his adventerous trip in Iran.

Altman had dreams of joining as a swimsuit model for The Girly Fags Secrets modeling agency. He wasnt accepted because of his breast size was 1.0 lbs and 0.0 oz. He had once appeared on the cover of GayGirl magazine in 1968 while wearing his grandmother's bra and panties after a fashion show in Condom DC.

Altman was found dead in Osama bin Laden's shed in Bakka Bakka Bakka, Saudi Arabia on November 20, 2006. His decapitated head was found inside Osama bin Laden's toybox and his body was found in the girl's restroom with his arm shoved inside his anus. He was apparently murdered by U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia after the troops founded out that he had sodomize Osama bin Laden and planned to attack Jew York City again. Atlman was 81 years old and he will be never missed.

Atlman was a close friend of a blithering idiot imdb troll named ebertfan92. He starred in several ebertfan92's film including Ways of the Vagina (2002), The Grinch Who Raped Christmas (2000) and Anus R Us (1998).

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