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Robert 'Hranol' Fico is the Imperial Despot of Slovakia. Fico was born in 1956 after two men fleeing the Hungarian Revolution decided to have gay sex. The result was Robert Fico. Fico was born in a very unnatural way (that is, he burst out of of one of the men's heads). Ever since then, he has been described as a "head-exploder" a "head-destroyer" - not because he was born this way, but because of the war he was discovered to have started ('see World War IV).

In 1963, Fico was enrolled in the Happy Land Army (Happy Land is known for randomly taking people from other countries) to fight in the War on Bad Guys. Fico was nearly killed in the battle when a shell exploded next to his ear, killing all of his comrades except him. It was later discovered that God in fact wanted to kill Fico for being an extremely evil person, but Fico had made a deal with the Devil (also known as Satan or Santa) to live through the war. Because of this deal, it turned out that Fico's soul was now in possession of the Devil, and will continue to be until Judgement Day, at which point Fico's soul will be obliterated by the Power Rangers. According to legend, Fico's soul will then turn into a giant mecha-monster and the Power Rangers will have to battle again and then totally obliterate.

Anyways - in 1974, Fico became Prime Minister of Happy Land, and used the Happy Land army to invade Slovakia. He then destroyed Happy Land with nuclear weapons and became Imperial Despot of Slovakia. His reign continues to this day. Unfortunetely, Happy Land was resurrected by Jesus for being happier than Not Happy Land, which is to the south.