Robert McNamara

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Macdaddy intending to order lunch, accidentally orders massive carpet-bombing of Vietnamese civilians.

Robert McNamara was a Mercedes Benz executive at the fall of the Third Reich and fled to America to continue his plans for global domination. Being a student of Kennedy existentialism, JFK found him a great fit for his kitchen cabinet (featuring all new granite counter tops).


McDonalds and Vietnam[edit]

Following the abdication of KFC during a visit to the set of Dallas, McNamara found himself with more power to take over the world. He naturally set his eyes to the strongest nation of them all: Vietnam. With the help of his wife and third cousin, Jane Fonda, McNamara executed a plan to overrun Vietnam and their staple crops of maize (or corn as the Indians call it) and man-bear-pigs.

Problemos in Vietnamo[edit]

McNamara and the 1937 Brooklyn Dodgers soon found themselves in a "misunderestimated quagmiry malaise" in Viet "Fuckin'" Nam. What McNamara had failed to realize was the Vietnamese are not human at all, but futuristic cyborgs from the past manufactured by the Chinese and powered by the Nguyen operating system. Nguyen was translated into American as "Win" and later evolved into the Windows Operating System.

Fog of War[edit]

“War, what is it good for? (Absolutely Nothing)”

Recently, last week a movie on McNamara was released, marking the directorial debut of Horatio Sanz. Featuring Charlie Sheen and William Dafoe, this movie focused on McNamara's use of Agent Orange as a personal hallucinogenic. It was based on the Abandoned Orphan Story of 1923.