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ROBERT PATRICK is a deity of the greater power known as Richard Patrick[edit]

Unlike Richard, Robert...(which is usually an amazingly kickass name) is almost disgraced by the utter B-movie-shitocity of...i lost my train of thought.

Richard Patrick however was given the silver septor of Rock from the viking gods themselves and was told: "Go my child, front the band Filter with great and mighty lungs of screaminess and do not be deturred by the crabby attitudes of those who only know the song "Take a picture". Dio was told this sort of as well... but he liked rainbows a little more.

so he "forsook" (kinda like forsaked but with more UGHPFFFTT!) the band NIN...which was kind of like Nine Inch Nails...'cept that group is Trent Reznor..>AND NO ONE ELSE. He's in all the early videos inclusing one where Marilyn Manson kinda plays guitar...kinda.

...and Robert Patrick was on the Sopranos...X Files and the T 1000 in Terminator 2...which was pretty "balls-flipping-awesome"...(that term is mine, use as you must...but use with honor you fuck)

WARNING: This is all according to the knowledgabilities of it's right, you know that right off the bat.