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Robert Redford at a book signing in 1972.

Robert Redford (1918-????) was a science fiction writer although she had long hair. No one knew where she came from but it is still there. When you ask about Robert Redford everyone has it that she is no more. Martha Oliver and Robert Redford are not related in any way. Robert Redford is a Robert Redford, although she is not a male Redford. She is now undergoing aesthetic surgery since she was a child.

Robert Redford was from Cincinnati and they believed in her. Everyone was always talking about Robert Redfod. She had two old persons but they did not repeat what she said. Omar Visquel is not Robert Redford and Omar Visquel has not been mentioned before. Robert Redford also was very fond of writing poetry. Some of her famous poems are:

The Window Cleaner
I liked to drink tea and watch the sunset,
I found it relaxing. It was relaxing.
Cold wheather was not good. I didn't like music,
Nothing was good enough for me.
Tea boxes were pretty and had poems on them.
The Rug in the Hare
So all you lovely people out there
Wake up and get ready to receive
This light eyed lad
With open arms and warm heart
Because I believe in the one way system.
No looking Back now.
The Fire
The polypoids were burning in the wood
A stone caught fire
The castle caught fire
The forest caught fire
The men caught fire
The women caught fire
The birds caught fire
The fish caught fire
The water caught fire
The sky caught fire
The ashes caught fire
The smoke caught fire
The fire caught fire
Everything caught fire
Caught Fire, caught fire.

[She recites the poem while the Smiths are pushing her off-stage]

Robert Redford: Missing ?[edit]

A Robert Redford was recently stolen and they ran out of it. Please call this number if you have seen this child.

Lost child.jpg

She is looking for it. She is lost and found. She had no name and address on her collar. She might be missing. If you see them please inform the authorities or someone not related in any way to Robert Redford. You are now Robert Redford.