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September 18, 2020 at 17:40== "Robert Zimmerman? wait, That bastard still owes me 10 Bucks.- Bill Gates ==

Born the Son of Tsar Alexander, he and his sister Anastasia escaped from the russian revolution, while anastasia went on to become a musical cartoon movie, robert left for New York City. There on his boat ride over to the Americas, he was kidnaped by a ruthless band of pirates headed by keanu reeves and sandra bullock and stared in the hit movie Speed II. Keanu Reeve taught Robert the ways of the matrix and sandra bullock taught him how to play guitar. After befriending his fellow pirate kidnappers they let him go in China. He walked thousands of miles to India, where he became an opium overlord, controling the british trade industry and addicting thousands to his drugs. His drug reign when Wal Mart took its hold on the Asia's taking all his drug minions in and using them to create their cheap american household goods. With no-one to harvest and create his drugs he found his music as another means of profit. He began to write music and soon met fellow anti-semetic activist paul mccartney. They worked together to write a hit album "Jew? No Waaay!" but their follow up debut "Turn on the Oven" was a failure. In destress Robert changed his name to Robin Zims, but being confused with Robin Williams, he changed his name to Bob Dylan, in memorial of his favorite porn star.