Roger Joseph Boscovich

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“My conversations go on for very short times because my words are too confusing to understand”

~ Roger Joseph Boscovich on conversations

“Eating shit is eating shit and I like it”

~ Roger Joseph Boscovich on eating shit

“If you have eaten shit, don't tell anybody else off for eating shit. If you are making ridiculous shit up, don't tell anyone else off for making ridiculous shit up”

~ Roger Joseph Boscovich on hypocrisy

“This is extreme idiocy, I am not a robot gorilla, who said that I am?”

~ Roger John Boscovich on people pointing out the obvious fact of him being a robot gorilla
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Gorilla.JPG Roger Joseph "Boskie" Boscovich (Real name: T-789) was a robotic gorilla sent back in time to the 18th century to determine the equator.



Boscovich was created in a dystopian future where nobody can navigate - compasses, maps and all navigation devices were gone until the guy was sent back in time.

Boscovich's life in the 18th century[edit]

Boscovich was forced to become a philosopher by his superiors, Boscovich also became a priest and used nonsense as arguments.

“Degfrjdskmassdfyhhdjsma means demons exist”

Reign as president of the Sky[edit]

Boscovich was then chosen as president of the sky in 1773 by the then-president of the sky, Robert R. Livingston who resigned in order to let Boscovich take the throne.

Foreign exports[edit]

Boscovich hated boats and would strike them down with his sky army. For most of his tenure as presidennt of the sky, Boscovich ruled alone until finally getting a vice president in the form of William Williams in 1780. Williams forced Boscovich to make no exports to the earth and manipulated him into only caring about the sky.

Stupid laws[edit]

  • Boscovich declared that nobody may wear a hat while flying.
  • Boscovich declared that if you make fun of him you must punch yourself in the face.
  • Boscovich declared that you could go anywhere if you were a demon.

Boscovich made many stupid laws but we don't have time to list all of them.


Boscovich was then assassinated by his own vice president William Williams, though, Williams pretended he died from natural causes.

Preceded by:
Robert R Livingston
President of the Sky
Succeeded by:
William Williams