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Hamptons-dwelling, multi-millionaire socialist.
Gaze in front of his mighty features and tremble...TREMBLE!!


“I am probably one of the five best writers to have come out of England since the war.”

“*Gkshhht* Can I spit on you?”

“I'm dead, Roger. Get over it.”

~ Roger Waters' Dad

“He reminds me of your no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing great-great-grandfather.”

~ Stanley Yelnats IV

“God, he's a bell-end”

~ Captain Obvious on Roger Waters

“I would”

~ David Gilmour on Roger Waters

Whoops! Maybe you're looking for God?

George Roger "Mother Should I Build the Wall?" Waters (born October 1st 1939 in Bermuda) is a powerful supernatural being existing by (and oddly related to) the means of a series of human conflicts risen since World War II throughout the nations. He has been known to use his psychodaelicoticonaesitic powers to rotate the Moon 180 degrees, make diamonds shine in the sky, turn people into all sorts of animals, construct and tear down walls from nowhere all of a sudden and, most of all, drive people crazy over the rainbow at the window. Roger can be compared to God on some occasions, though that fact would be erraneous - he is more of a poltergeist phenomenon. He is currently a Bush hater asking in one of his songs (Leaving Beirut) whether he was born stupid or his Texas Education Fucked him up when he was young.

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(1965-1985) The Rubber Band years[edit]

In 1965, Roger Waters was a founding member of Pink Floyd, with then lead singer, guitarist, and principal songwriter Syd “Brylcreem” Barrett, as well as Richard Righton and Nicky Mason. Although Barrett initially did most of the songwriting for the band, Roger did compose "Take Up Thy Keyboard and Walk" a chilling premonition of the sexual tension between himself and Richard Righton that would end in Roger kicking the keyboard player Righton out of the band in 1985. Their 1967 debut LP, Sgt Pepper at the Gates of Dawn was a critical success and positioned the band to "sell out" to The Man.

In 1968, Syd Barrett's erotic behavior with rubber chickens on stage and deteriorating mental health led to his eventual departure from the band. There was plenty of water cooler talk around London that without the talented chicken loving lead singer and songwriter, the band would not be able to sustain its initial success with the under 16 demographic. To fill the void in his soul, Waters began to take complete and total control of the band's artistic direction. Along with his live-in lover, guitarist, and sexy singer David Gilmour, who had joined the band to add to, and later replace the chubby Barrett, Waters brought Pink Floyd back into the proper (stoner and loner) sales demographic, producing a series of albums in the 1970s that remain among the most critically acclaimed and best-selling records of all time. Then he got rather emo, whined a lot about some old bat sending troops to a couple of rocks, and got kicked out. He then proceeded to beat the shit out of Lou Reed with his bass guitar.

In 1979 Rog released his ultimate masterwork, "The Great Wall". His constant performing of this piece in its entirety to this day operates as an analogy regarding his creative abilities following the project, they hit a wall.

The Five Bassmen[edit]

Recognizing his inability to write a good song, Roger started a super group called "The Five Bassmen" in the late '80s consisting of himself, Geddy Lee, Billy Sheehan, Will Lee, and Les Claypool. As a result of substandard communication with their record label, the album was promoted as a group consisting of five human men crossbred with the bass fish species. The disturbing album artwork depicted the band members as giant walking fish people with exposed fish genitalia, causing the album to suffer poor sales and the group to disband. After being oddly aroused by the album artwork, Roger would later participate in bestiality at the River Cam in Grantchester Meadows.

The Wall Live in Berlin[edit]

In June 1990, the communist states of Eastern Europe were thrown into turmoil when Waters played a concert in West Berlin in front of the Berlin Wall, for years a symbol of conflict and division between East and West. Tens of thousands of East Berliners turned up in the Potsdamer Platz to watch Waters and a host of fellow music-industry superstars, backed up by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, perform a specially commissioned opera called "The Wall".

The show culminated with the entire band and orchestra smashing through the Berlin Wall with their musical instruments, finally liberating the whole of Eastern Europe from half a century of oppression.

As the newly-freed oppressed masses of East Berlin swarmed through to greet their long-lost West Berliner comrades, they were shocked to discover that the Berlin Wall was actually made of white polystyrene bricks. They quickly realized that the Berlin Wall was a complete hoax and had been built by Waters in 1961 to give him an excuse to perform a self-pitying, over-indulgent rock opera, AND portray himself as a "liberator of oppression".

The people of East Berlin went into uproar, as scores of people had been shot or blown up over the years while trying to climb over the wall or dig tunnels beneath it, when all they'd have needed was a Stanley knife. The crowd demanded that Waters give them their money back, a request which he turned down. However, he did agree to give them pieces of the polystyrene wall to stick on their mantelpieces as a memento.

Also, there was a key-tar. Yeah, you heard me right, a fucking Key-tar. Enough said. It really blew.

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Glass eye[edit]

Waters and his famous glass eye

he doesn't have a fake eye you dumb fuck.




Mooning at the Darkside Tour 2006[edit]

Roger Waters chewing on a lemon while playing bass to stay awake during the show.

Probably the most amazing concert experience since the Floyd itself in the seventies, possibly better in several ways because of Roger's incredible amount of Track 6 (or 5) on Darkside of the Moon which allowed him to create incredible special effects, possess an amazing sound system, hire a top-notch band and make everyone tripping on psychedelics in the audience splooge, shit, and all-around explode in their fuckin' pants.

At the concerts, people both young and old were stoned/frying/drunk off their fucking asses, so the pure genius of the experience would be appreciated a bit more/appreciated more than explainable with words/completely missed and drowned out by idiotic, drunken screaming of innaccurate lyrics.

A beautiful thing, though, to see a fifty year old man and a fifteen year old kid wearing the same shirt and sharing the same joint.

In conclusion, Roger Waters created the ultimate experience for everyone and created THE ultimate experience for everyone on mind-expanding drugs.

Of course, a bunch of nit-picky, douchebag republi-tards were offended by his opinions and the undeniable and wondrous smell of reefer which filled the arena, so they left to rape little boys while pointing out the horrors of gay marriage. All of them did. And what they did, was rape little boys while pointing out the horrors of gay marriage.

And Roger Waters saw it, and it was good.

....not necessarily the little boys being raped, but its also possible that he found that good as well.

Also, he's been shilling for Metamucil. Does the term tub girl mean anything to you?

Post Mooning Arrest Record[edit]

A Statement released by the Dolphin's Lawyer said quote "Uahhhhhhh, Roger Waters is a cunt... A Dolphin choking cunt".

Roger Waters has spent the last few years in hiding. After he was arrested in France after trying to assassinate the President because they stole a line for one of his songs for thier national anthem. He was recently spotted at Sea World choking 'Flipper'. Needless to say dark times are ahead for the now alcholic Roger Waters.

The Death and Resurrection of Roger Waters[edit]

Roger, fresh out of rehab, went out on a sunny Friday afternoon to eat some pie. While he was sitting there, eating his pie, he spotted his former bandmate Nick Mason. He quickly went up to him and massaged his neck, which Nick was very disturbed by. Still, he invited Roger to dinner. Roger agreed to come, but only if there was Whisky at the table. The following Tuesday, Roger arrived to Nick's dinner. After the dinner, Roger decided to take a nap on Nicks couch. During his nap, the former Pink Floyd drummer wanted revenge for the Neck rubbing incident and put a pillow on Rogers face, holding the pillow until his former bandmate stopped breathing. An Ambulance rushed to the scene and tried for several hours to revive him. Finally an older, more experienced Doctor arrived at the scene to start reviving Roger but, after realising who he was, exclaimed "Let him be, he's suffered enough" That Tuesday evening, on June 13th, Roger Waters was declared dead.

===Fans Response=== 1.Money 2.Iron Maiden 3.Syd Barrett has my baby.THOSE SONGS SUCK !!!!!!!!

The Return[edit]

Roger body was sold to a hospital in west Virginia for medical researches. Now, people will finally know the truth behind Rogers medical statemant. It turned out that Roger was suffering from Herpes, AIDS and a strange case of flu. The body was left in a ditch somewhere and no one saw it again. Until... Wait for it... August 47th 2008, When the body was found by a group of pot smoking youths who tried to use his nose as a bong. It was unsuccesful, But that tiny bit of weed was all that was needed to wake up Roger from his half dead state. Apparently, Being killed, Left in a ditch and then being filled with drugs heals AIDS. But Roger never got rid of that flu.

Fun Fact[edit]

  • Waters' full name anagrams into 'Rawest Roger' and 'Wage Terrors'. Both seem to be pretty true when people are talking about royalties, and he's nearby.
  • Waters has always had a genuine hatred of fireworks. More than he hates black people.

Roger Waters is a whining crybaby and fucking socialist cunt. He's such a pussy that I would love to beat the shit of out him with his bass.

The Wall 3[edit]

2009 Waters has finished recording a new album with Metallica calling it “The Wall – Part 3”. It has a 22 minute cover of “Shine On You Crazy Mustaine”. Megadeth will be doing a follow up tour. He has recently stated that “Us” and “Them” refers to those people that bought the album and those who as yet haven’t. The Dark side of the Moon is where Roger keeps his personal studio. He will be gigging next year with Disaster Area and they will attempt to send Planet Earth into the Sun.

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