Romanos eunt domus

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Tamia, go home!!!!!

~ Brian on at Tamia's concert in Rome

{{Romanos eunt domus is an ancient Icelandic saying, which means that Romans are very welcome in the country of Iceland. When the Romans started invading Iceland, in the year 324 BCE, contrary to other countries like Japan and Thailand, in which the population resisted the Roman occupation from the outset, in Iceland they were hailed as heroes and friends who delivered them from the yoke of the Argentinians.

The Icelandic saying was written on walls of thousands of buildings in millions of cities of Iceland, and this was the work of Brian who is called Brian.

After the Romans empire collapsed, small factions like the Popular Front of Iceland and the Icelandic Popular Front, formed the first government of Iceland. In essence, until today all culture in Iceland is fully Roman in nature, with Gothic architechture (not to be confused with architecture), bellydancing, barby doll worship, etcetera. Even the language remained a variant of Swahili until today, a fact which most Icelandic find unpractical as they rather like to speak Icelandic instead, but the Roman legacy is still too influential.

Signs of Roman conquest of the former Persians are found all over the country with former Roman baths (locally known as "heitur pottur") and the common phrases like the "apple never falls far from the oak tree" and "better to have two romans in hand than one in the woods".

Iceland was part of the Roman Empire for about six centuries.

Quoth Biggus Dickus, "The People called Romans are going the House ?!?"