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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Mushrooms?

Roses is a genetically mutation of Saddam Hussein and George W. Bush made by Space Otters in northern Norway. Roses does indeed grows in the wild around the world at this very moment, but not for long.

It is anticipated that this cute, but highly dangerous flower will mutate even more, and pherhaps grow into something even scary, like Britney Spears or the Hanson group.

"We will unleash our powers and soon controll the whole world! We now got colonies all over the world!"

- Millitary commander Stein Yngve W, General of the Roses

NBC and CNN reporters tried to talk with Stein Yngve W, but the reporters was never to be found again. Some told that you could see the slaughtering all the way to the Moon, but the Moon did not confirm it, in fact, the Moon denied the whole existens of him self, and packed his stuff and went away to another planet.

It's a known fact that humans are puny, and we can't defence us selfes without human-maid weapons like guns and other explosive units. So if the roses are going to attack us, we would have no chance to defence us selfes by their long and allmighty thorns.

The roses are breeding fast, their mating rituals containg sick abuse of insects and stuff has now freightned the whole world.

The US government has now tried to kill all roses in the US, but somehow it seems that people just ignore their existense as a dangerous species, and still manage to buy them from secret roses shops around the state. It is believed that roses will soon develop a mind controll device, if this happends, the roses can make all the humans to slaves. Human slaves in fact.

There is no more to say about this topic, if YOU have a rose nearby, KILL IT!! (Or simply put it in a water/air/light-resistant contraption)

Have a nice day.