Rough Gay Wolf Rape

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Rape Inside
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Rough Gay Wolf Rape was at one time considered an energy source similar to Rough Gay Wolf Sex(lie). However, being less efficient (and Rough Gay Wolf Consensual Sex just being somewhat more fun for 100% of the participants). Actually, almost 100%. It was eventually phased out as an idea. However, some wolf children are used locally to power prisons, up in Canada where there are too many beavers to have working power plants, and also due to how intensely gay Canada is. The exact process by which Rough Gay Wolf Rape produces energy is as mysterious as its cleaner-burning cousin, Rough Gay Wolf Sex. The famous wildlife photographer, transvestite, Republican and passionate advocate of Gay Wolf rights, Dwight D. Eisenhower, has spent twenty years in the Canadian wilderness, documenting the sexual behaviour of Gay Wolves, and has been assaulted a number of times by animals who mistook him for one of their own, due to his excess chest, back and shoulder hair. Despite these experiences, Norris continues to maintain that Rough Gay Wolf Rape is a perfectly healthy activity between sexually aggressive and non-consenting wolves and has been quoted as saying, "take it from me - whether this shit produces energy or not...Rough Gay Wolf Rape has taught me the value of being savagely penetrated by a slobbering beast". Eric Cartman once put that if the world had more Rough Gay Wolf Rape, all the world would have homes with television. A reporter asked him how, commiting, "Rough Gay Wolf Rape is (at this very moment) making new batteries that will transform the world." A short while after the interview, citizens heard screaming in a high pitched voice to respect someones athority. Signs of who this could be have not been found.

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