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Rubbin and Ted is a 2004 coma (comedy-drama) film based on a 1989-2003 cartoon show. It includes 3D graphics, live-action people and, the main characters as giants. It was to end the cartoon series as we know it and turn it into a real life film.


Rubbin and Ted are after a star that will give them magical powders that will transform them into toys. The star is in a restaurant in South-West West-North North-East West-East New York. They are currently 50 feet tall and do not have legs. They are made of rubber and they are filled with cotton. As they start their journey, George Bush freaks out and calls the fire department. The police then arrest poor George and he called Air. Air eats the cops and melts Condoleeza Rice's brains. Bad thing she has an extra set of them.

Rubbin and Ted invade Neork. Nobody notices. Nobody cares

Back to our heroes, as they travel over the lands of Neork and almost destroy everything in sight. They roam over the state of New Texlandsfandia and find twelve good cities. Finally, they come down to the state of New York. A gigantic Vacuum sucks the two in and they fly to Europe, smashing Parisland. As they rent a gigantic MegaShip, nearly 100 feet tall and 350 feet wide, they fly back to New York in English-like Tuxedos filled with rats, spiders, blood, bats, hats, fat ones and butt pats. Nobody seems to care. After demolishing three good oceans, George Bush orders the FBI, CIA, CSI, CIA2 and 666 to destroy Rubbin and Ted. Gigantic Laser Guns are pointing at the MegaShip. As the Shooter Guy pulls the trigger, he remembers that he forgot to put the ammo in, as he aims again, the ship is gone.

As Rubbin and Ted find the star, Rubbin discovers that his best friend is an imposter

As Rubbin and Ted finally return to New York, they look for that darn restaurant again. They also see a hippie and choose do asplodiate it. As they finally see the restaurant, Rubbin discovers that his best friend is an imposter. He then destroys the imposter and Ted comes out of it. But the blow also destroys Ted and Rubbin cries like hell. He places the star upon his head and turns normal. He does the same with Ted and Ted comes to life. Neither will die another day. Some kid finds them and even bigger adventures come that will be shown in Rubbin and Ted 2.



Rubbin, an anthropomotormiodolomorphic rubber duck has five hit points and 3 Mana Points. He creates ultimate violence and destroys all that lay in front. Oh, except Ted, he likes Ted.


Ted, another teddy bear is ready for action 24/7. Unless if he's in Alaska, then it's 14/3. He quite often dies without a reason and likes Rubbin. That explains the name of the film

Shooter Guy[edit]

The Shooter Guy, fully known as Shooter Thomason Guy, is a sad and lonely fellow that happens to like the 666 union. That is why he joined the 666 union to become Shooter Guy

Snoop Dogg[edit]

As himself.

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